8 Tips for a Romantic Valentine’s Day Wedding


If you are going to get married on Valentine’s Day, you should be a real romantic. Plan a romantic Valentine’s Day themed wedding by incorporating the traditional symbols and colors of the day into your marriage ceremony and reception. Check out tips for a romantic Valentine’s Day wedding.

1. Romantic reception

Valentine’s Day is that time of year when people celebrate love, and while a wedding is celebrating love, having a cozy, romantic reception location will kindle love in the bride and groom as well as in guests. Add some Valentine’s symbols into your décor, such as hearts, roses, cupid and doves. As guest favors, take heart-shaped candies, wrapped in pink or red foil. Have napkins with love birds or white doves. Sprinkle heart-shaped, cupid-shaped or dove-shaped confetti on the tables at the reception for a festive Valentine’s Day touch.

2. Design a romantic room

In order to set the romantic mood, think about lighting. Soft pink light can warm up a space and make everyone look good in pictures. Nothing is more romantic than a candlelit dinner. Opt for flower-draped candelabra or create a more contemporary atmosphere with frosted glass motives. For cocktail or lounge areas, several faux fur pillows will create a cozy, comfy mood. And if you have a fireplace, light it. Chilly weather will be forgotten thanks to its warmth and comfort.

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3. Decorate a room

As Valentine’s Day is a day dedicated to love, use lots of candles to set the romantic mood. Think about gathering six or seven cone-shaped candles in crystal candle holders at the center of reception tables. Choose red table linens with small lace tablecloths on top. For a decorative and romantic accent, tie ribbon and lace bows around the back of each chair. To add more Valentine’s Day décor, drape lace and ribbon around the gift table, the guest book table, and the head table.

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4. Plan a menu

Since Valentine’s Day is probably the most romantic holiday, opt for a menu of romantic beverages and foods. Serve prawns and oysters as appetizers. If you plan to have a buffet, get heart-shaped sandwiches. Include a few dessert options, like a white wedding cake decorated with hearts and roses, heart-shaped cookies, and a beautiful chocolate fountain with strawberries for dipping. Get a lot of champagne on hand for the guests to toast the bride and groom.

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5. Consider guest treats

Give your guests small personally labeled heart-shaped boxes of candy. For an activity related to a special treat or the day, set up a secret admirer station where everyone can write a note to their sweethearts and leave some candies to attach to the notes.

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6. Valentine’s Dress

The bride’s wedding gown and bridesmaid dress for a Valentine’s Day wedding should reflect the holiday. The bride should wear a romantic gown that suits her tastes. The bridesmaid might wear dress in shades of pink, red or burgundy for the holiday. The bride might wear a vintage wedding dress or body hugging satin dress. You can add a distinctive and bold Valentine’s feel to the wedding gown by adding a burgundy, magenta or red border to the dress.

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7. Flowers

The flowers most associated with Valentine’s Day are red roses. The bride can use the red rose theme and choose a full bouquet of red roses or carry a single red rose with a ribbon. For rich contrast, the bride can also mix cockscomb and deep red calla lilies. You can also experiment with adding such non floral elements as crystals or feathers to your centerpieces for a luxurious and rich look.

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8. Music

For a romantic Valentine’s Day wedding opt for a song list full of love songs. If you want to keep the romantic mood all night long, ask your guests to fill in their favorite dance songs on their RSVP cards. Mixing these tunes into your playlist is a perfect way to honour your guests and help them to relive fond memories.

I hope these tips will help you create a romantic Valentine’s Day wedding. Do you have any other tips? Share your thoughts, please!