8 Tips for a Romantic Valentine’s Day Wedding


If you are going to get married on Valentine’s Day, you should be a real romantic. Plan a romantic Valentine’s Day themed wedding by incorporating the traditional symbols and colors of the day into your marriage ceremony and reception. Check out tips for a romantic Valentine’s Day wedding.

1. Romantic reception

Valentine’s Day is that time of year when people celebrate love, and while a wedding is celebrating love, having a cozy, romantic reception location will kindle love in the bride and groom as well as in guests. Add some Valentine’s symbols into your décor, such as hearts, roses, cupid and doves. As guest favors, take heart-shaped candies, wrapped in pink or red foil. Have napkins with love birds or white doves. Sprinkle heart-shaped, cupid-shaped or dove-shaped confetti on the tables at the reception for a festive Valentine’s Day touch.