10 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Parents


Valentine’s Day is finally here, but you forget to buy a gift for your parents? Don’t panic! You still have some time to buy or create one of these gifts that most parents love to receive any time of the year.

When you need to choose Valentine’s Day gift for your parents, you have to put in more effort. No matter the age, your parents want to celebrate Valentine’s Day as well. Surprise them today with some of these gifts.

1. Surprise gift

If you know and can find the gift that would certainly surprise your parents, then it would be a great thing to give them. This surprise can amount to anything from a movie that they’d like to watch together to a meal or dessert that you can make for dinner.

2. Handmade greeting card

Personalized greeting card that has some artistic work from your side is another best gift for your parents, especially if you’re on a budget. If you don’t mind spending time for your parents and you love them a lot, then this could be also a good gift. You can make a greeting card with your kids – they will help you to make it even more unique.

3. Scrapbook

Choose the best photos of your parents starting from their early ages including also their childhood snaps and paste them in a scrapbook. Paste some snaps, which have your parents together in different occasions, such as their anniversaries, birthdays, and so on.

To make the scrapbook more interesting, you can make appropriate comments. If you remember the date and time of these occasions, write down them.

4. Tourist voucher

If your parents are not old and they like to travel, then a tourist voucher to a romantic place is one of the most wonderful Valentine’s Day gifts for your parents. Take care of everything, from flight tickets to hotel bookings. This gift is a bit expensive, but it one of the best ways to show your parents that you appreciate them.

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5. Video “What I love about you most”

Go to your mom and ask her to name the most romantic moments she has had with your dad and ask the same to your dad. You can also ask your parents to tell what they love most about each other. Give it to your parents, and ask them to watch the video on Valentine’s Day.

6. Life history videos

Collect all videos of your family such as your parents’ wedding, your first birthday, your wedding etc. and make a film out of it. To make it more interesting, include a narration in the background of each video.

7. Clap-on lights

Clap-on lights is useful invention, which can be a perfect gift for your parents. The light that switches on with the clap of hands seems to be a good way to start a romantic dinner.

8. Spa

Your parents work hard all year round, so why not buy a spa voucher and give them a spa experience they will remember forever? There are spas that accommodate the couple to get massaged in the same room, so make sure you choose a spa with this facility.

9. A box of their favorite chocolates

Who doesn’t like chocolates? I don’t know anyone who can say they hate these delicious treats. If your parents have everything and you don’t know what to gift them, a box of their favorite chocolates will be a great present on Valentine’s Day. This idea is also perfect for students and those who are on a tight budget.

10. Romantic dinner for two

Valentine’s Day is all about love and everyone deserves to have a romantic dinner this day, including your parents. Perhaps your parents don’t even plan to go out to a restaurant, so why not book a table for your parents at one of the best restaurants in your city? It will be a great opportunity for them to spend some time away from home.

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Your parents deserve to be happy too. Don’t forget about them on Valentine’s Day. Choose one of these last-minute parent gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, and surprise them today. They will definitely appreciate your attention, love and gift.

Do you have some other last-minute ideas? Share them with us, please! There are many people who are looking for Valentine’s Day gifts right now, so let’s help them together!