10 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Sweetheart


Nowadays we have no problems with choosing Valentine’s Day presents for our lovers. We can find an enormous variety of lovely and useful things at shops and supermarkets.

Certainly, we usually give preference to those gifts which can fully represent the main idea of All Lovers’ Day. Year after year most sweethearts tend to buy similar presents for each other.

Unfortunately, we forget that the things we give to our lovers should be unique and memorable in order to impress them and make them happy. Actually, most of our Valentine’s Day gifts can be predicted. I’m sure that lots of us will definitely receive candies and roses on this special day.

Aren’t you bored of all this routine? This winter you will have a wonderful opportunity to change everything and have an unforgettable Valentine’s Day.

It’s up to you to prepare amazing and unusual gifts for this holiday. Your guy is sure to appreciate them greatly. Look through the following list of gift ideas and pick up the one that will be the most appealing to you.

1. An Excellent Class

Has your boyfriend ever told you about his cherished dreams? Perhaps one of them is learning a foreign language, a dancing class or cooking some exquisite dish.

Think of the experience you would gladly acquire with your loved one. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to make your dreams come true.

2. Extreme Sports

If your man is fond of different kinds of extreme sports such as bungee jumping, windsurfing or mountain climbing, you should definitely use it as an idea for a marvelous Valentine’s Day gift.

The main thing to keep in mind is that all our presents should be meaningful and unique. That’s why sign up for one of those sports and try to arrange the day full of adventures and adrenaline for your partner. You don’t necessarily have to join the activity, but certainly your man would be happy to enjoy those special moments together with you.

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3. Volunteering

Since Valentine’s Day is the holiday when we should express our great love to others, not only to our sweethearts, it can be a nice decision to spend this day volunteering. There are lots of people in your town who really need your help and attention.

Suggest this idea to your lover and visit a local soup kitchen, an orphanage or even an animal shelter. Such common activity will surely unite you and your boyfriend, making your love strong and enduring.

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4. Potted Plants

Valentine’s Day is truly one of my favorite holidays. I have lots of reasons to love this romantic day.

One of them is a magnificent bunch of roses or other flowers I traditionally receive on this day. But I must admit that such flowers have certain disadvantages.

For example, they can die soon after your guy has given them to you. Recently potted plants have become extremely popular as gifts for Valentine’s Day. A flowering plant will be the perfect choice for you.

Make sure to buy a beautiful flower that will represent your true and enduring feelings to the person you love. If the one takes care of the plant and nurtures it properly, its beauty and freshness will last for many years.

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5. Personalized Coupon Book

In spite of the fact that a coupon book is one of numerous traditional things we present each other on Valentine’s Day, still it has all chances to become a unique and unexpected gift for your lover. The coupon book will certainly appeal to your guy if you give it some personal touch.

For that you need to find out all the preferences and likes of your boyfriend and create the coupons in accordance with his tastes. For instance, you can include the coupons for various exquisite dishes to be put down if your sweetheart is a great gourmand.

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6. A Tattoo

That doesn’t mean you should necessarily tattoo the name of your partner on your body. Later it can turn out to be a trouble for you. When it comes to tattoos we should be especially careful.

There are so many people who really hate tattoos. If your man is one of them you should forget about this idea as he will never appreciate and enjoy such gift.

In case your sweetie is a great admirer of tattoos you can give him an opportunity to get one on his body. It would be a splendid idea for both of you to get tattoos together. You should think of something special, individual and meaningful to get on your bodies, something that will always reflect your great love to each other.

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7. Treasure Hunt

For those couples who lack adventures and fun, a treasure hunt will be a perfect decision. As a variant it can be a scavenger hunt. Finally, you can get whatever you want.

At least an unforgettable romantic night is guaranteed for you. This activity will take you some time but at the end you will get lots of pleasure and excitement.

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8. Romantic Trip

To my mind a romantic trip with your sweetheart to the place you’ve dreamt about for years will be the most precious present on Valentine’s Day. Start planning this journey in advance, choose the most suitable place for both of you and after make a surprise for your lover.

If it happens so that you can’t manage to arrange the trip on Valentine’s Day, don’t be disappointed. You can do it in the nearest future.

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9. Massage

When you have made up your mind to pamper your guy with a relaxing massage, you can choose from several options. One of the variants that are available for you is a local spa. There you can book a couple massage.

If you can’t go to the spa due to definite circumstances, stay at home and get a great pleasure while giving each other massages. To provide romantic atmosphere in your home you will need heart-shaped candles, hot towels, a few essential oils and some slow soothing music.

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10. A Promise

Now it’s high time for you to keep one of the promises given to the one you love. I’m convinced there is something he desires so much. As for me, I usually promise my boyfriend to spend more time together, to go for a trip in winter, to visit his friends more often, etc.

Unfortunately I can’t always fulfill his desires. Why not try this on Valentine’s Day? It would be an incredible gift.

Surely, Valentine’s Day is a holiday when we celebrate love, respect and care for each other with an enormous affection. But it’s not the only day of a year when we should express our devotion to those we love. Make it a rule to do some pleasant things for your partner every day.

Since Valentine’s Day is a great occasion for all lovers try to do something special and unusual for your Valentine. What are you going to gift your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day?