7 Incredibly Entertaining Activities for Valentine’s Day


One of the most romantic holidays is coming soon and we all look forward to this special day to share our love and joy with our sweethearts. This year you have a wonderful opportunity to make this holiday even more memorable. Annually we follow the same list of activities on this day. Don’t you feel the necessity to change something and have a great celebration? The main idea of this holiday is spending time with those who are so precious for you. Think of the most interesting and fabulous ways to entertain each other this day. For lots of people it will be the first date. That’s why it is so important to make it bright and unforgettable. I’m sure that the following amazing ideas for Valentine’s Day will help you to make your date sweet and fantastic.

1. Party with Friends

It’s a wrong opinion that Valentine’s Day should be celebrated only with your boyfriend. Actually, there are so many incredible ways to have fun together with your friends and your guy. Choose a few of your best friends and throw a festive party for them. You will certainly enjoy their company and feel cheerful atmosphere of the holiday. In spite of the fact that some of your mates are single, they still deserve a bit of love and attention on this day.

2. Go on a Hike

If you are one of those people who prefer outdoor activities, this idea for unusual dates is exactly for you. As a rule, most of the couples choose to go to the cinema on Valentine’s Day. Personally I am a great admirer of watching movies and I would gladly take the opportunity to catch the latest one with my sweetheart. But if you want to experience some adventure with the one you love and pump your adrenaline, you should certainly abandon the idea of going to the cinema and go on a hike instead.

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3. Wine Tasting

Perhaps this idea for celebrating Valentine’s Day is not an extraordinary one, but still it will enable you to feel the atmosphere of refinement and luxury. Find the best wineries in your place and go there with your sweetheart. You will be extremely delighted to taste fine wines. Besides, you can make this date even more comfortable for both of you. Set up a camp at home, prepare your own exquisite wine collection and serve it with some cheese. Have you ever dreamt about throwing a wine and cheese party? This Valentine’s Day is the perfect chance for you.

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4. Visit a Farmer’s Market

Yes, this idea for dates on Valentine’s Day is really strange and unusual, but it is still worth trying. You can be sure that if you visit a local farmer’s market you will get a great pleasure. You may not believe me, but this strange experience will turn out to be a sweet and romantic date. At this place you’ll be able to gather your favorite organic foods and to cook the most delicious dishes for your festive dinner. In such way your common work will satisfy both of you.

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5. Picnic on the Beach

I must admit it’s a splendid idea to have a date on the beach. What other place can be more romantic and relaxing than this one? So, prepare all the necessary things and go on a picnic with your guy. I’m convinced there won’t be lots of people who can disturb your privacy. It’s natural that most people prefer to stay at home rather than go to the beach in winter.

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6. Volunteer

Every holiday is a good time to do some unconventional and new things in your life. Valentine’s Day is not an exception. Besides, you can do these unusual things with the most important person in your life. Try out some activities that can be pleasant and good not only for you and your boyfriend. Think about those who surround you. There are hundreds of poor people who will be glad to get any help from you. Volunteering is an excellent way to get involved into the life of others. Go to the nursing home or help at a local soup kitchen. Valentine’s Day is the holiday when you should give your love not only to your sweetheart but to the other people also.

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7. Paintballing

I have lots of friends who are fond of competitive games, especially on holidays. If you also like some active entertainments, paintballing will be the right thing to do with your man on Valentine’s Day. Usually, it is considered to be a summer sport, but I think you even won’t feel the chilly winter weather as you’ll have to run all the time.

When Valentine’s Day is approaching, I am always overwhelmed with excitement and happiness. It is one of my favorite holidays for which I usually prepare beforehand. Have you got any plans for this Valentine’s Day? Please, tell us about your ideas for romantic and unconventional dates.