10 Things You Should Avoid on Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is something each schoolchild learns about. Many romantics wait impatiently for the whole year. We all know what we should do on Valentine’s Day, but do you know what you shouldn’t do this special day? I’ve got a list of 10 things you should avoid on Valentine’s Day, if you want your sweetheart to still speak to you afterwards!

1. Being late

Being late is the first thing you should avoid on Valentine’s Day. Sometimes it’s really inevitable, but try not to plan other things on that day. Even if you have lots of tasks to do and you plan to work some extra hours, you can completely lose track of time and you can be late for dinner. Remember, Valentine’s Day is about you and your sweetheart, so make sure to celebrate this holiday without obstacles.

2. Pretending

Your lover might not want a huge production, but when the entire world is talking about hearts and flowers, it’s still nice to know you are thought of. Don’t make your sweetheart worry if he/she is going to be left out. It’s just like you deliberately make your partner jealous. Both can cause pain to your lover, and being partners should not involve intentionally causing pain and insecurity.

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3. Ring

Another thing you should avoid on Valentine’s Day is ring. If you are not going to propose marriage to your sweetheart, you shouldn’t offer a ring box on Valentine’s Day. That’s because the image of Valentine’s Day and proposal is hammered into each person from birth. When women see the ring, they expect men to propose to them. That would definitely ruin the mood for romance!

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4. Roses

I know roses are associated with love, but it doesn’t mean that every single person should buy roses. Valentine’s Day is not about everybody doing the same thing. So it’s better to know what flowers your sweetheart truly loves. It can be lilies, daffodils, tulips or violets. If you get your lover three of that favorite flower, you will show the love you share and the knowledge of your partner, and that is more meaningful than just getting the same roses that every single woman has it on Valentine’s Day.

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5. Marketing messages

Valentine’s Day is all about romance and love, but not about a card or a box of chocolates. Think about your love and focus on caring for the partner in your life. No one else can tell you how you must celebrate your love for each other. Never compare what you do with what others do. It’s not a competition and it doesn’t matter who got the biggest bouquet of flowers. It’s all about the major reason for the holiday – love.

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6. Lavish gifts

I know, you are in love with and you are eager to please your sweetheart, especially if you are in the new love phase of your relationship. The main thing to be aware of is that, if you overdo with the things you do for Valentine’s Day, your sweetheart may be embarrassed or ashamed if he/she only planned something tender and quiet. The day can end up being distracted and awkward because your partner is feeling like he/she did less for you. Talk beforehand about the plans of the day and the gifts, and you both enjoy the holiday and there isn’t unhappy feelings or guilty.

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7. Comparison

One of the major things you should avoid on Valentine’s Day is comparing this current day to Valentine’s Days in the past. It can be really stressful and it can even lead to disappointment. The only thing you should remember on this special day is how you and your sweetheart love each other. You need show your love to each other in your own way that cannot be compared to other couples. Your love is special and unique and is not based on objects, money, or destinations.

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8. Going to a restaurant without having reservations

If you plan to go out for dinner, you should make reservations beforehand! Many couples often go from one restaurant to another, they can’t find any vacant table and end up very grumpy and hungry. That’s a bad way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The best way is a romantic dinner with candlelight, favorite music and your favorite dishes.

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9. Love poetry from the Internet

Around Valentine’s Day, many people are on the internet printing out the same love poems to give to their sweetheart. Tell me, is your partner deserves that exact same poem that everyone else gets? Why not try to write your own poem? It may not be perfect, but it will be a special gift that only your love will get. Moreover, it may be the poem that becomes treasured forever.

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10. Self-interest

Keeping love and romance in a relationship is the best way for it to stay strong over the months and years. Keep loving, communicating, and showing a care for each other. It’s not about bouquets of roses and diamond bracelets. Sincere love never relies on outlays of money to prove it exists. It’s about two people who show the concern, tenderness and love, and who really care for each other.

These are all things you should avoid on Valentine’s Day. Do you agree with this list? Do you know some other things to avoid on Valentine’s Day? Share your thoughts, please!