7 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Single Moms


Valentine’s Day for any single parent can be a hard day, so why not make their day a bit brighter by giving them one of these thoughtful gifts? This list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for single moms can also work for single dads.

A single parent deserves Valentine’s Day too, but we often forget about it. We focus on our partners and believe Valentine’s Day is a day for couples only. The truth is, this day is absolutely for everyone. Stop overrating Valentine’s Day!

If you know any single mom or dad, consider giving one of these incredible Valentine’s Day giftsto them. They will appreciate it and feel that someone really cares about them.

1. Gift for mom and child

One of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for a single mom or dad would be something that includes both a parent and a baby. It could be tickets to an amusement park, zoo, or a movie, or a local children’s museum. Children always come first no matter what, so a present that is for both of them will be perfect and much appreciated.