7 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Single Moms


Valentine’s Day for any single parent can be a hard day, so why not make their day a bit brighter by giving them one of these thoughtful gifts? This list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for single moms can also work for single dads.

A single parent deserves Valentine’s Day too, but we often forget about it. We focus on our partners and believe Valentine’s Day is a day for couples only. The truth is, this day is absolutely for everyone. Stop overrating Valentine’s Day!

If you know any single mom or dad, consider giving one of these incredible Valentine’s Day giftsto them. They will appreciate it and feel that someone really cares about them.

1. Gift for mom and child

One of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for a single mom or dad would be something that includes both a parent and a baby. It could be tickets to an amusement park, zoo, or a movie, or a local children’s museum. Children always come first no matter what, so a present that is for both of them will be perfect and much appreciated.

2. Spa day

Another great Valentine’s Day gift for a single mom that she would certainly appreciate forever is a spa day. You can offer to babysit so that your single mom friend can enjoy a relaxing day of pampering herself without worrying about her child.

A single parent works hard to provide for their kids and always takes care of all their needs. Parenting is a difficult job, especially if you are a single parent, so give that single mother a much needed break with a whole day at the luxurious spa.

3. Babysitting

As I said before, babysitting is a good opportunity for a single parent to relax and think about herself. If you can’t afford to gift a spa day, you can offer free babysitting. Sometimes parents need a day all to themselves, and a single mom will be happy to receive such present on Valentine’s Day.

You can go ahead and take a child to your house so that a single mom can enjoy a whole day and a whole night of peace and quiet. This gift will actually work for any holiday, including birthdays, and not only for Valentine’s Day.

4. Dinner

Well, can you tell when was the last time that single mom has dinner at a restaurant? Valentine’s Day is a great time to do it.

Don’t worry about finding a babysitter, you can have a play date dinner and take the kids out to a restaurant. It’s better to make it a ladies-only date so that a single mom won’t feel lonely. Make sure you leave your man at home.

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5. Gift card

It could be a gift card to shop for clothing or a grocery gift card. A single parent will be glad to get this present on Valentine’s Day. A single mom will especially like the gift card to the clothing store, because she usually buys clothes for her child and doesn’t have money for herself.

6. Gift-surprise

This Valentine’s Day, why not surprise your single mom friend with something she’s wanted but would never buy for herself? Maybe it’s a wonderful trip that she can’t afford or a weekend getaway that you would like for your single parent friend to join. If you have money, surprise her with your gift, she will surely be super happy!

7. Bath gift set

Finally, if you can’t afford to buy an expensive gift for your single parent friend, a bath gift set will be an amazing Valentine’s Day present. After all, if a single mom has a bath gift set that includes body lotion, shower gel, and a fragrance, she can enjoy a spa treatment at home.

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Being single on Valentines Day can be frustrating, and when you are a single mom, it’s even more frustrating. However, you can share your love with everyone and make anyone’s day happy.

Sure, you don’t have to forget about your boyfriend/husband. Try to find the wisest way to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year.

Do you have any other Valentine’s Day gift ideas for a single parent? Please share them with us.