Skip the Sweets! Give Your Kids a Healthy and Happy Valentine’s Day!


Now that the store aisles are filled with heart shaped chocolates, sweet tarts and Valentine’s Day sweets, it’s time to think of the ways to give your kids a healthy and happy Valentine’s Day, which is not surrounded with those unhealthy sweets. However, it doesn’t mean that your child won’t have any delicious treats on Valentine’s Day. Follow the tips mentioned below and give your kids a healthy holiday that they’ll definitely enjoy.

1. Heart healthy exercise

Doing heart healthy exercise is one of the best ways to say “I love you.” You can do some heart squats or jumping jacks while enjoying some quality time together.

Most kids enjoy such fun physical activities and I’m sure your little ones will love it too. Even if it’s only a 15 minute workout, it will be an amazing thing to do together on February 14.

2. Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt

A Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt is one of the most incredible ways to give your kids a healthy and happy Valentine’s Day. Just hide some heart notes around your home and ask your children to find them. Every note must have a clue to the next note and the last note should have a nice poem pouring out your love for your children.

3. A dinner with love confession

A dinner with love confession is a great idea because your children can easily help in preparation. Involve your little ones in making a healthy dinner.

You can make something as simple as heart shaped flax pancakes, healthy salads, eggs and strawberry cookies. When having dinner, go around the table and confess what you love about one another.

4. Heart shaped sandwiches

As your children head off to school on the 14th, show your healthy devotion and love by making heart shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and writing a note wishing them a happy day! Don’t forget to pack strawberries to add more Valentine red as well as fiber. Plus, strawberries help boost your child’s immune system and brain power.

5. A pink strawberry smoothie

This Valentine’s Day surprise your kids with a delicious pink colored strawberry smoothie. Blend 1 cup of strawberries, a half a cup of Greek yogurt and a ¼ cup of kale and you will have a fresh, delicious and healthy smoothie, which is rich in fiber. Your children will surely enjoy this pink smoothie and, this way, you will give them a healthy and happy Valentine’s Day.

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6. Dance

This is probably my favorite way to enjoy Valentine’s Day. Who doesn’t love to dance? Everyone loves, especially kids. You can even arrange a small family dance party and have lots of fun together.

Sure, you might want to celebrate the day of love with your sweetheart, but, hey, don’t forget about your little ones. After all, you can celebrate it after your kids go to bed.

7. Heart shaped decorations

This Valentine’s Day make some heart shaped decorations with your kids and decorate your home to set the holiday spirit. You can write something nice about each other on hearts and display your artworks as well as your love for one another. This is a great and fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day without candies.

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This year, make Valentine’s Day healthier and more special for your family and friends. Skipping the sweets on Valentine’s Day is not as difficult as most of us think.

When your children are busy and active, they are less likely to beg you for the sweets. I suggest that you don’t buy the sweets at all, or at least keep them out of sight so that your little ones can’t reach or see them.

Are you going to use any of these ideas? How are you going to celebrate this Valentine’s Day? Share your ideas, please.