8 Little Sweet Gestures to Make on Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is all about love, so let’s don’t forget about people around us. It’s great to celebrate this holiday of love and romance with your sweetheart, but it’s also wonderful to reach out to other people in your life.

There are some little sweet gestures you can make on Valentine’s Day. Maybe you want to reach out to your friend who’s feeling lonely, coworker, or parents, or even your neighbor. With these wonderful gestures you can easily brighten up someone’s day without spending a fortune.

1. Send beautiful flowers

One of the sweetest gestures to make on Valentine’s Day is to send some beautiful flowers to someone you love and respect. It will show the person that you really care about them. Flowers can make everyone feel happy.

We all love flowers and we all love to receive them, so why not give them to people you love? If you are on a tight budget and you can’t afford to buy a bouquet of flowers this year, look for some other budget-friendly ideas…

2. Send a Valentine’s Day card

Are you on a tight budget this year? Don’t worry! Sending a Valentine’s Day card is an easy and cheap way to make sweet gestures on Valentine’s Day.

Cards are not expensive, so you can choose a few cards and send them to those you love. It takes little effort and money and can really make a person amazingly happy.

If you have time, you can save even more cash by making your own cards. This Valentine’s Day, I will certainly send some cards to people I care about.

3. Give a balloon

This is a bright and simple way to say someone Happy Valentine’s Day! Balloons are fun and we all like them, not only kids. Balloons are also inexpensive.

You can get an entire bouquet of them, and spend less than 10 dollars. A cheap and nice present, don’t you think? When buying balloons, look for heart shaped balloons to boost a festive mood.

4. Give a box of chocolates

A box of delicious chocolates is another gesture you can make on Valentine’s Day. Yes, it’s a classic gift for Valentine’s Day, but who will refuse to receive a box of chocolates as a gift? You can give it to anyone and every time they eat chocolates, they will definitely think of you.

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5. Bake cookies

Tasty cookies are always appreciated, especially if they are homemade. We all love homemade goodies, don’t we? The person who will get your cookies as a gift will appreciate that you took time to bake something delicious for them.

I always like receiving homemade goodies. Perhaps, it is one of my favorite things to receive as a gift.

6. Send a heartfelt message

A heartfelt message or note is something a person could treasure for years. Many of us keep something like this and it’s obvious why we do it. There’s a great sentimental value in a heartfelt message or note.

Just tell the person how much you care about them and name a few things that you really love about them and why you appreciate them.

7. Take them a meal

If you want to brighten up someone’s day, then take them a meal. I’ve had people do it for me several times and I must admit that I was really grateful for this gesture.

Taking someone food is a nice way to say that you care. It’s better to choose their favorites, of course, if you know them.

8. Surprise them with breakfast in bed

If you want to surprise your mom, dad, sibling or husband on Valentine’s Day, breakfast in bed may be a good idea. Breakfast in bed is something most of us wish happened more often than just on February 14 or Mother’s Day.

But I know many people who have never been served breakfast in bed. If I have an opportunity to surprise them with Valentine’s Day breakfast in bed, I will definitely do it.

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I’m all for nice, romantic gestures, and I believe Valentine’s Day is not for couples only. It’s a day of love and we should share this love with all of the people we know.

These are only a few gestures to make on Valentine’s Day and I hope you will share some of other ideas. What gestures are you going to make on Valentine’s Day.