7 Most Popular Hair Color Trends for 2014


Are you planning to change your hair color this year? There are a few fabulous hair colors you may want to try in 2014. This year, hair color trends are actually all about experimenting with numerous natural shades.

Those popular trends like ombre hair and highlights are going away and amazing solid colors are taking over. This year, try one of these fantastic hair colors, you won’t regret.

1. Gold

One of the most popular hair color trends for 2014 is gold. Many celebrities have long been adding pops of luxurious gold color to their hair.

Why not try gold this year? You will have a dynamic and fresh hair color. Make wonderful changes to your hair in the new year by adding gold to your brunette or blonde hair.

2. Platinum Blonde

Judging by everything I have seen on the runways and red carpet, platinum blonde will be one of the most popular hair colors to try this year. In 2014, platinum blonde is best worn as one solid shade, so don’t opt for any highlights. I personally want to try this amazing color this year, and what about you?

3. Silver/grey

The hair color trend of silver or grey hair is the one from 2013, but it will become popular in 2014 too. The best thing about silver/grey color is that you can wear it numerous ways.

Really, your silver hair can pull in grey, blonde, lilac, blue, or even gold. Its versatility makes silver hair color one of the most popular colors to try in 2014.

4. Radiant Orchid

A global color authority, Pantone, has declared Radiant Orchid the color of 2014, so it’s no wonder that this color will become popular in 2014. Some celebs like Katy Perry have worn this fabulous color in the past year and I predict other celebs may want to wear it this year. Do you want to try this bold color?

5. Jet-Black

If you really want a huge change in 2014, dye your hair a jet-black color. In 2013, a lot of celebs let out their darker sides and the trend looks likely to continue in 2014.

Usually, jet-black hair has blue hues to it, but this year is all about solid colors. Think of darker shades such as black, which is perfect for the winter season.

6. Rose Gold

Perhaps you know that rose gold hair color became incredibly popular in 2013 and this color will be popular in 2014 as well. This wonderful mix between brown, blonde, gold, and pink is soft with light drama. In 2014, rose gold is a great color to try in the spring or summer.

7. Auburn

Another popular choice for 2014 is auburn. This color is the perfect hue to wear this fall or winter. Although auburn is typically a blend of brown and red, you can also add a purple hue to your hair. In 2013, bright red hair colors were amazingly popular, but in 2014 it’s better to opt for a softer and more natural red hair color.

One of the easiest ways to reinvent yourself in the new year is to change your hair color. 2014 is all about natural hair colors with a little twist! Sure, it’s difficult to know which hair color trends will be the most popular because 2014 is just beginning, but these are for sure among the best hair colors for 2014.

What do you think of these hair color trends?