Top 7 New Fashion Trends for 2014


It’s hard to believe, but it’s 2014 already, and it’s time to think about new fashion trends for this year. In 2014, femininity is going to take priority over numerous fashion trends. Although it will change dramatically from fashion in years past, it doesn’t mean that you should trade out your whole wardrobe. You can simply try a few of these new fashion trends and update your closet for 2014!

1. Mid-Calf Skirts

Mid-calf skirts are one of the biggest fashion trends for 2014 that you may want to try. Renowned as tea skirts, mid-calf skirts are incredibly feminine and a great break from the shorter skirts most of us have grown accustomed to over the years.

2. Trouser pants

No matter what body shape you have, trouser pants are one of the best fashion trends in 2014. I enjoy wearing trouser pants because they are wide-legged and they help accent the shape of a woman’s body. Trouser pants are typically higher waisted and long. They are perfect for elongating the leg and can add a touch of elegance to any outfit.

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3. Shift blouses

The good news for me and I hope for you is that shift blouses will be a popular spring item to wear and they are one of the top fashion trends for 2014. Shift blouses are much dressier than T-shirts, but they are cropped at the waist and they are usually made of materials such as polyester, linen, and certain types of cotton blends. Moreover, they have a wide collar that helps accent your neckline.

4. Cropped jackets

This year cropped jackets, especially collarless cropped jackets, are extremely popular. Paired with casual wear or office attire, they’re all over the runway now. I’m sure you will agree that cropped jackets are more feminine than blazers, and they add a nice touch to any outfit. They pair perfectly with pants, skirts, and some types of dresses.

5. Sweater material

Whether in a sweater, dress, or skirt, sweater material will be a huge trend in 2014. It’s also appearing in swimwears for summer 2014. Perhaps, I won’t buy such swimwear, but next time I go shopping, I will definitely choose several sweater pieces!

6. Pastel dresses

One of the biggest trends of the spring 2014 is pastels, especially pastel dresses. I personally prefer black dresses, but this spring I’m going to choose the pastels. Green, pink, yellow, lavender, and blue are all going to be huge this year, especially in the dress department. The best thing is that pastel dresses are great for the office. This year, avoid that boring black and opt for something a bit lighter in color.

7. Plaid

When it comes to picking up trendy prints, plaid is a top fashion trend 2014. No matter your personal style, you will certainly feel and look pretty in plaid. You can wear skirts, shirts, jackets, or pants. Plaid jackets, skirts, and shirts seem to be the most popular fashion offerings this year, but you can choose anything from pants to scarves.

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Don’t worry, you don’t have to throw away your favorite fashion pieces from the past year. You can just add some fashionable touch to your outfits by trying a few of the fashion trends mentioned above. What do you think of these fashion trends? What are you going to buy next time you go shopping?