7 Fashion Blogs to Help You Find Your Outfit Inspiration


Every now and then, we all need fashion inspiration, whether you head to the office or take that vacation you have been planning for years. Our fashion style speaks volumes about us without actually uttering a single word.

When we endeavor to find what kind of fashion reflects our personalities we turn to blogs for inspiration or ideas to make a mindful fashion statement that represents our fashion sense. To help you get amazing fashion inspiration, ideas and news in just a click, I have rounded up a list of 7 of the best fashion blogs out there.

1. Man Repeller

Leandra Medine, creator of this blog, describes ‘Man Repeller’ as a humorous website about serious fashion. The blog covers much more than just fashion, but also emerges issues always with a hilarious twist. You cannot read this one without smiling.

2. Park and Cube

The Seoul born, London based, Shini Park is a writer behind the fashion lifestyle blog Park & Cube. She covers everything from fashion week in Milan to food anywhere, always with her minimalist and polished stamp. The pictures are always amazing.

3. 5 Inch and Up

Born in Finland and now living in London, Sandra Hagelstam named her style blog after her longtime favorite love for the latest super high heels. The blonde does not showcase shoes only; her blog is an excellent source of fashionspiration. Sandra shares her latest beauty findings, travel diaries and personal style posts.

4. The Blonde Salad

The Blonde Salad is created by Chiara Ferragni, who is arguably one of the most famous style bloggers. She has massive 5.5 million Instagram followers and was listed in the Forbes’ 30 under 30. The Italian fashion blogger gives us glimpse of her tours with her favorite fashion shopping places around the world.

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5. Sincerely Jules

This is a beautifully made fashion blog by Julie Sarinana. She shares her personal fashion tone as she moves around the world. Also, she rounds up her favorite new products while on her tours globally. She is definitely the envy of every fashion savvy woman.

6. Disney Roller Girl

Navaz Batliwalla, the fashion editor and freelance stylist describes her blog as the “go to resource for fashion insights, emerging trends and editorial shoots from an insider’s point of view.” Her blog and fashion taste veer towards luxurious and comfortable style.

7. Atlantic Pacific

Atlantic Pacific is a personal style and a fashion blog by Blair Eadie, the New Yorker with exceeding affection for anything colorful, printed or preppy. Once you see her blog, you will notice her notably chic style that will make you want to put on your trench coat and crossbody handbag and move to the Big Apple.

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Fashion bloggers can be inspiring and dangerous at the same time. Following at least one of these blogs will give you that daily dose of style inspiration and help you look fashionable without wrecking your budget. If you follow any other fashion blog that I didn’t mention, please let me know about it in the comments.