The New Hair Trend: Secret Undercut Hair Tattoos


Call it a new hair trend or just foolishness, Instagram and Pinterest are already chock-full of secret undercut hair tattoo photos. I have seen plenty of girls jumping on the trend and putting long locks under threat. Is it worth it?

With a host of downsides of having a secret undercut tattoo, not every girl dares to have her back of the head shaved. It is the ultimate high-maintenance look, and a number of hairstyles that you can wear in order to show your hair tattoo is limited.

However, hair tattoos have their benefits as well. They are perfect for school, office, party and any other special occasion. If you are ready to rock this hair trend, check out some ideas to get inspired:



Cool Girl

Bold Look

This One Even Bolder

Totally Obsessed

Secret undercut hair tattoos are blowing up on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. The best thing about this hair trend is that you can put your hair down for work or college, and rock a messy bun or a braided ponytail when hanging out with friends.

Like it? Start looking for a hairdresser with excellent shaving skills – this may be a challenging task. Let me know what you think about hair tattoos and what your favorite idea is.