10 Unicorn Hair Photos That Will Inspire You to Dye Your Locks Today


Did you think nothing could get more trendy than pastel rose gold hair and undercut hair tattoos? This year, you will want to dye your locks unicorn.

This trend is coming in strong and going to be a real hairstyle shake-up this summer. The newest hair color trend is taking Instagram by storm and here are a few unicorn hair photos that will inspire you to dye your hair today.

1. Blonde Unicorn

2. Brunette Unicorn

3. Luminous Unicorn

4. Twisted Unicorn

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5. Vibrant Unicorn

6. Platinum Unicorn

7. Bold Unicorn

8. Mermaid Unicorn

9. Hidden Unicorn

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10. Innocent Unicorn

Unicorn… everything is a thing right now. Especially when it comes to the latest hair trends.

So, ladies, which one of these “unicorns” would you like to try out? Share your opinions and results in the comments.