To the Girl Who Openly Questions Her Worth


Dear beautiful soul, standing alone in front the distorted mirror. Your makeup might be smeared, and your eyes might be bloodshot. Please stop staring at your warped reflection with your skin crawling in ways that make you feel sick. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and know that you are loved.

When you are not comfortable with yourself, it feels like being at the edge of a precipice between all or nothing. At this dire point in your life, I am asking to back away from the ledge. Though these words may only form a safety net to keep you from taking one more step forward, I hope that by the end you realize they are meant for you, and you only.

Your value is infinite

Because you deserve kindness. You deserve a chance to pursue your goals. You are anything you want to be and everything at once. Within you is the universe, so your value is infinite and unquestionable.

Yvonne Pierce said it right, “The enemy uses those things you are insecure about. Free yourself and take your power back by being secure in who you are – flaws and all.” When did you begin scrutinizing your self-worth? Who made you feel this way? Heartbreak. Divorce. Abuse. Addiction. Depression. Obsession. These things can be overcome.

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You can triumph

Whatever happened in the past does not have to happen again. Whatever is happening now does not have to continue. Breathe in positivity. Accept the challenge and know that you can triumph as long as you stay strong. Realize how much potential and power you have brewing inside.

Grace under pressure may not apply to us all, but whenever we rise from the ashes, we shine greater than a thousand suns. For every scar you wear mentally and physically, you have gained another mark of honor. Do not consider your mistakes as losses, just a chance to remedy one problem and fortify yourself for another try.

Let that little seed of confidence sprout into a tree of life

In time, those walls will change from carbon to diamond and you will shimmer oh so brightly. I know it may seem ridiculous now. I know that strength is sometimes impossible to find in the darkness.

But if you can find one thing in this moment that you like – no, love – about yourself, grasp ahold of it. Hold it dearly. Let that little seed of confidence sprout into a tree of life. Because that is all you need. If you find one thing that you love about yourself, you can unearth more. You can grow more trees. You can flourish.

Fertilize those trees by doing what you love. Follow your heart, your instincts, and your gut. The fruits of your struggles will ripen over time. Then reap the rewards and know that you made these succulent fruits with your own free power.

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Once you realize your potential and love yourself, do not let anyone trample you with their narrow-minded views. You have no one to answer to but yourself. Never assume responsibility for someone else’s desiccated garden. Do not do what makes you unhappy, because that merely poisons your soul.

Unfetter yourself from the shackles that have pinned you to this ledge by growing deeper into yourself. I promise that at the core of your soul, you will find infinite, raw love. Within that love, you will find that there is no limit to your worth. So have strength. Fight on.