7 Fabulous Ways to Be More Kind to People around You


Being more kind to people around you may not be at the top of your priority list, but this is a wonderful trait to possess. Often we forget that being nice and kind to those around us is good for us. Plus, kindness makes other people feel good and it can even make you happy. Below is the list of seven easy ways to be more kind to people around you every day.

1. Compliment

Most of us love compliments, so why not pay more compliments to people around you? It will make them feel better about themselves. I love compliments, especially when I pay them to someone. When I see their smile, it makes me feel happy. There are many great things to compliment a person on. You could pay a compliment to the teller at the bank, who’s wearing a nice top, tell your mom how beautiful she looks today or tell your children you are proud of them. A heartfelt compliment is a wonderful way to be more kind every day.

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2. Smile

Another easy way to be kinder to people around you is by smiling. It only takes a few seconds to smile and can easily improve someone else’s day. If you have a bad day, smiling can also help. It can boost your mood and make you feel happier.

3. Help

Offer someone your help. You can even help a person before they ask you to help them. Maybe you could help your mother or sister with a cleaning project, or maybe your friend or coworker needs someone to look after her kids for an hour.

4. Use your manners

Using your manners is always a good idea. Try saying thank you and please to people around you every single day, and don’t forget to say sorry or excuse me. You could also give up your seat on the bus, so an old woman could sit down. You could let an old person, pregnant woman or woman with kids go in front of you in the grocery line. When my cart is loaded, I always let a person who only has a few items go in front of me. Let’s be nice to each other and it will be easier to live in this busy and hard world.

5. Don’t forget to say hello

Yes, it sounds ridiculous, but saying hello to someone, even if you don’t know them, can bring them joy. If a person is far off, make sure you wave at them or just nod. If you act like you don’t see a person, it can easily hurt their feelings and make them sad.

6. Send a nice note

You could send a nice note to your partner, family member or friend. You could also send a note to someone you haven’t seen or spoken to in years. There are many ways you can send your note. You can do it by email or regular mail. In fact, your note doesn’t have to be long and elaborate. You could write something like ‘Thank you for being there for me when I really need you’ or write a simple hello.

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7. Say ‘I love you’

When you tell a person you love them, you show how much you care. It also tells them that they are really important to you. You can say ‘I love you’ in many ways. You can either write it on your note or say it in person. You can send it in a text or say it over the phone. Just make sure you say ‘I love you’ often and you really mean it when you say it.

For some people it’s difficult to do all of these things every day. There are days when we forget to be nice and kind to people around us and we can even hurt them without realizing it. What are your ways to be kinder to those around you?