7 Convincing Reasons Why Kindness Is Beneficial for Your Health


We used to think that kindness is just a personal characteristic that is usually reflected in people’s behavior. But I must admit that being kind is something more than our attitude to others. As a rule, those people who are kind have a great opportunity to be happy and healthy. It is so important that we should be nicer to each other. For example, in the UK, people have a special day when they can celebrate kindness and inspire everyone to be kind.

Do you know that such behavior is extremely beneficial for your health? It can improve not only your emotional state but your physical health too. To confirm my words, I can tell you that in 1979 psychologists did a survey which showed that volunteering made people happier. That’s why if you have decided to be healthy, happy and satisfied with your life, you should certainly become kind and nice to the people who surround you. I hope that the following reasons why kindness is beneficial for your health will help you to make a decision.

1. Kindness Will Make Your Life Longer

As numerous scientific researches show us, those who tend to be kind and altruistic usually have very good health and live longer than others. Besides, if you start being kind and compassionate at a young age, you’ll have more chances to realize yourself in life to feel more satisfied and, after all, to contribute greatly to your overall health.

Express your kindness to other people at every possible opportunity, and such a problem as depression will never bother you. Instead, good luck and happiness are guaranteed to you.

2. Good Emotional State

Do you have good emotional health? I think that nowadays it’s almost impossible to feel completely relaxed and comfortable as there are lots of stressful situations that we face every day. However, you can improve your emotional state by involving yourself in various kind acts.

According to numerous surveys being kind can help us to become happier. When we think positively, our brain produces a special chemical called dopamine. Moreover, your body is provided with endorphins that make you feel happy. So, it is really reasonable to do good things if you want to provide yourself with positive emotions.

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3. It Decreases Your Anxiety

Certainly, kindness is one of the greatest ways to get rid of your anxiety and feel peaceful and joyful. Most scientists say that being compassionate with others can help anxious people to be more relaxed. Try to do something that can change others’ lives for the better, and it will surely bring you a feeling of accomplishment. It should be mentioned that there were made some researches during which people who suffered from anxiety had to do different kind things such as buying food for someone or volunteering.

They did all those good things no less than 6 times a week. The results were amazing! By being nicer to others, those people managed to overcome their anxiety, and their moods changed for the better. What is more important, good deeds helped people to feel more comfortable in society.

4. Good Cardiovascular Health

Without a doubt, kindness is incredibly beneficial for our health. Its great impact on our cardiovascular system is undeniable. That’s why positive behavior and a good attitude to others are necessary for us to become healthier. Whenever you do some acts of kindness, your body will be provided with the bonding hormone, Oxytocin. It increases the production of nitric oxide, which makes the blood vessels dilate. As a result, your blood pressure will be reduced. Isn’t that a good reason to start being kind right now?

5. Natural High

Being nice to people, you are supposed to get a natural high that is almost the same as a runners’ high. Still, this issue is being studied these days. Scientists from different countries state that there is a direct connection between our kind behavior and a gene that produces dopamine. That means doing altruistic things, you will get maximum positive emotions, and you will never have a bad mood.

A lot of volunteers were interviewed, and it turned out that their kind deeds brought them a wonderful physical sensation. They became more cheerful, contented, and energetic.

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6. It Can Reduce Mild Pain

You should keep in mind that every act of kindness will reward your body with a burst of endorphins, after which you can feel calm and happy for a long time. In addition, these hormones are known to reduce pain. They will be beneficial for your body, especially if you suffer from chronic pain.

Make it a rule to do at least one good and helpful deed for people around you. Finally, you will enjoy good health and happy life.

7. Kindness Is Helpful for Everyone

I’m convinced that kindness has a positive effect on all people. Every participant in kind acts will feel the difference. No matter whether you are doing something good or receiving someone’s help and attention, you’ll improve your emotional state.

Whenever you treat people in a good way, your brain will be enabled to produce a large amount of serotonin which is very important for your good mood. To my mind, kind behavior will always give people positive emotions, which are so precious for our happiness.

We can see that being kind helps us to live in harmony with society and our inner world. Besides, it’s not difficult to express your kindness to others. Try to do it more often, and you will enjoy lots of benefits. What are the other effects of kindness on our health? Share your thoughts with us, please!