9 Surprising Things about Your Guy That You Will Never Change


It is typical of all humans to change everything they don’t like in their life. When it comes to our lovers, we become especially enthusiastic trying to alter all their features that are not suitable for us. Unfortunately, all our efforts to make our partners perfect often turn out to be a failure. When you try hard to get rid of your guy’s bad features, you should be aware of certain things that can’t be changed about him. These are his essential characteristics.

Perhaps some women think that men are difficult to understand, but that is absolutely wrong opinion. Whenever your boyfriend tells you something, you always attempt to find some hidden meaning in his words. But you don’t even realize that everything is much easier. Be sure your man knows what he really needs. Take into consideration these interesting things about your partner that you can’t change.

1. He Will Always Lie to You

Certainly, it doesn’t mean that your boyfriend will always lie to you and it will harm you much. Most men tend to tell their women some small white lies when they want their ladies to feel comfortable and happy. What are the major things about which our lovers can lie to us? For example, when you hear from your sweetheart that your new dress suits you perfectly, he loves your parents, don’t be so happy. He might be just trying to please you with his sweet words.

2. He Will Always Be a Mama’s Boy

I think all guys are extremely dependent on their mothers. Surely, there can be some people who do not share my point of view. But still, I’m deeply convinced that most men will always be attached to their caring mothers despite their age.

Naturally, we girls don’t appreciate our partners’ affection to those who gave them birth. But I must say it is the most common feature of our guys as their moms are the first women who loved them much, who made them great personalities and whom they can rely on any moment.

3. He Will Be Always Crazy About Sports

I think all women will agree that sport is an indispensable part of every man’s life. And definitely, we can’t change it. Moreover, our guys usually are interested with different kinds of sport, though they will always have the most favorite one. I’m convinced that you become irritated and nervous every time your man watches his team’s match.

Actually, it’s useless to prevent him from such pleasure. You have no other choice but to accept his addiction to sports. Try to benefit from the time he spends watching TV. Sooner or later, the match will finish, and your partner will love you even more for giving him this freedom.

4. He Will Look at Other Women

As for me, I hate this men’s feature. If you still think that your boyfriend is perfect and he will never look at others, you are absolutely mistaken. It’s their natural instinct, and they can’t do anything with it. Keep calm and don’t be so jealous, anyway you won’t change your lover.

Finally, he will not deceive you, but only he can look at some pretty girl. Frankly speaking, we ladies also like to admire handsome guys. That’s why don’t let such trifles make you sad.

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5. He Can’t Live Without Beer

It’s not a secret that all men like beer very much. Surely, it’s not acceptable for girls, but we should try to understand that for our guys drinking beer is something special. Most of them find it a wonderful opportunity to chat with friends and rest after a difficult working day over a glass of beer.

There is no need to worry about your boyfriend’s feelings for you; they are still the same. He needs some time to spend with his friends. After all, you also meet with the girls quite regularly. Give your sweetheart a chance to enjoy the men’s company.

6. He Will Never Care about Clothes

Without a doubt, all girls care much about their clothes; they always do their best to look smart, cute, and stylish. Can we say this about boys? Certainly, we can’t, as they usually are not so interested in what they wear. Generally, our men do not follow fashion; they choose the clothes which make them feel comfortable.

Personally, I have never met a man who would get pleasure from shopping. For most guys going out is not a great problem; they will never spend time thinking which garment they should wear this night. They are built in such way, so you can’t do anything about it.

7. He Loves His Video Games

Lots of guys are crazy about video games. It happens so that some of them can become addicted to computer games. Still, I can’t understand how men spend hours in front of their computers and don’t even get bored. If your lover is one of them, don’t try to understand this whim of him.

Acceptance is the best way to come to a common agreement with your love. For me, the most terrible thing about video games is their violence and aggression.

8. He Doesn’t Like to Talk About His Feelings

Girls are considered to be romantic and affectionate. So they can easily express their warm feelings to their partners. We often expect our guys to share their love and emotions with us; thus, we get upset and blame them for coldness and indifference. It is necessary to understand that men are not guilty; they have a more pragmatic mind.

They highly appreciate their relationship and communication with their girlfriends, though they would never be excessive about that. Men don’t like to show their feelings. That’s why you should be patient and take things as they are.

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9. He Blames You for Spending Much Time to Get Ready

As a matter of fact, all guys can’t stand waiting for their girlfriends to get ready. They usually get bored and even angry. Our boyfriends are always fascinated with our beautiful and perfect look. But they can’t realize that we need some time to make that beautiful.

Most guys think it is natural that we have a stunning look and we can do without trendy clothes and make-up. Don’t try your lover’s patience and hurry up the next time you go out.

Surely, every girl wants to change certain things about her guy. To tell the truth, sometimes I also have such desire. There are so many girls who have tried to do it, but all their attempts were not successful. So, the best way out is to take our men’s behavior for granted. Does your boyfriend have any bad traits of character that you would like to change? What are they? We’ll be glad to read your comments.