7 Ways to Deal with a Guy who Annoys You


For me, it’s really frustrating when a guy annoys me all the time. I can tolerate it once or even twice, but the third time I take immediate action.

In fact, dealing with a guy who annoys you is quite a difficult task, but it’s possible. Read on and find out a few great ways to deal with a guy who really annoys you.

1. Ignore him

One of the best ways to deal with a guy who annoys you is to ignore him. When he comes or talks to you, just start reading a book or plug in your headphone and listen to music.

When he asks you about something, tell him that you can’t hear him properly or that you are busy. This will be enough to make a guy realize that he’s really annoying you.

2. Be firm when you talk

If a guy is really annoying you, you have to be firm when you talk to him. Tell him loudly that he must stop annoying you because he causes a lot of problems in your life. Make him realize that his behavior is really annoying.

3. Confront him

Never be afraid to confront people who annoy you. If a guy is annoying you for a really long time, you should tell him that it’s irritating you.

Try to speak with him in a polite tone, since if you speak rudely, he may feel insulted. Make him understand that you are feeling annoyed because of his behavior.

4. Take immediate action

You need to know that the more you get annoyed, the more a guy will continue annoying you. That’s why it’s so important to take immediate action! If you aren’t comfortable, just tell him to stop annoying you and try to stay away from that guy.

5. Unfriend him

As I said, you should stay away from a guy who is constantly annoying you. Another important thing you have to do is to unfriend him from your friends’ list on Facebook and unfollow him on Twitter. This will help you take a break from the problem.

6. Don’t lose your temper

When it comes to dealing with a guy who annoys you, patience is the key. Don’t lose your temper and try to tackle the situation in a more friendly way without hurting his feelings. Your rude behavior can make the situation even worse and might really hurt him.

7. Talk to your friend

If a guy is constantly annoying you, you might lose your temper. Talk to your close friend about this problem. When you share problems with someone, you feel much better.

Your friend will calm you down and can advise you what to do. She might even give you a solution to this difficult problem.

Do you have any other tips for dealing with a guy who annoys you? Share them, please!