Journey to Inner Peace: How to Live in Harmony with Yourself


Life is a blessing and a curse at the same time. One day you feel amazing, the next day you for whatever or no reason spend hours crying in the shower.

There’s nothing wrong with you, because strong people experience weak moments too. From the second you take your head off the pillow to the minute you’re ready to answer the call of your bed, everyday life is a series of happy events, hard challenges, boring tasks, exhausting chores and worries.

Living in harmony with yourself is the only way to survive in the world full of challenging situations, and where the majority of people are always at odds with each other. When you live in harmony with yourself, you live in harmony with others. You inspire others to seek peace and agreement. Here are a few rules to follow in order to learn to live in harmony with yourself first.

1. Stop believing beautiful pictures

There’s no perfect life. Everyone has problems but not all of us talk about them. There are many people you probably follow on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter who you are jealous of.

They have the most expensive things, the most beautiful homes, the luxury cars, the toned bodies, the right clothes, the perfectly clear faces, etc. Their pictures are so wonderful that you start hating your poses, filters and captions. You think you are the only one who is so poor and miserable.

This is something many of us relate to. We believe beautiful pictures without knowing the whole truth. We picture others living exciting and happy lives, while they are trying to pay the bills, handle debts, cope with depression and build strong relationships.

All those ‘people’ you are jealous of don’t actually have perfect lives. They might envy you too, but can you say you live an absolutely problem-free life? Of course, no.

Stop believing and worrying about those seemingly fantastic pictures you see on Instagram. Focus on the other things instead.

2. Identify negative energy

Negative energy is everywhere. We can’t avoid negativity, but we are able to change the way we perceive it. It’s hard to live in harmony with yourself when you live or hang out in a negative place.

Aim to spend more time with positive people in the positive places. Positive places provide totally positive energy. If you don’t feel inner peace at home, it’s probably a negative place that you need to turn into positive one.

3. Create a special album

Learning to live in harmony with yourself is hard. But with every little change and creation, it’s realistic to find and spread inner peace. Create a special album for happy moments and motivational words.

When you are enjoying your own company or having fun with your friends, take as many photos as possible to add them to your special album, not Facebook or Instagram. The next time anxiety or negative thought strikes without warning, turn to those fun and positive snapshots to experience those warm feelings all over again. Add your favorite quotes to your album to boost your spirit when you really need it.

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4. Stop looking to others for answers

I’m serious. Stop relying on your parents, partners and friends for anything. When you can’t take an important decision on your own, it creates dependency only.

The moment you start seeing the world through your own lens, you’ll begin living in harmony with yourself. You will learn to trust yourself and your decisions. Others may leave you feeling lost rather than help you.

Moreover, a lack of self-trust can affect each part of your life and prevent you from living life you want. Allow yourself to take the hardest decision alone and believe in a positive result. You’ll see how independent and wise you are.

5. Create a night-time routine

Go to bed with a peaceful mind and a grateful heart and wake up with the same mindset. Fall asleep early and wake up earlier – oversleeping does more harm than good. In other words, get enough sleep but make sure you are in bed by 11 pm to get both beauty and healthy sleep.

If you are constantly short on shuteye, it’s draining your energy, leaving you feeling confused, stressed, depressed and lost all the time. So keep your eye on the clock to help stress melt away and restore your good attitude.

6. Live through your heart

When you live through your mind, you live no space for new events, journeys and opportunities. Heart-based living will help you find that inner peace and true purpose in life. Your heart will never judge, criticize or make fun of you.

Instead, it will help you handle the hardest life situations, choose the right career path, build the happiest relationships and find your true self. Don’t let your mind to ruin your entire life. You can’t enjoy a peaceful life when you live through your mind, because it is influenced by society.

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7. Value yourself

No matter what others think or say about you, you should always value yourself. Value your appearance. Your best and worst traits. Your lifestyle.

Anything that makes you feel peaceful and happy. Remember, people are not going to value you until you value yourself. Find out your potential and power. Increase your self-worth.

Keep in mind all the good deeds you’ve done and keep doing them. Remind yourself of your achievements, kindness, abilities, generosity and intelligence. It’s easier to live in harmony with yourself when you respect yourself.

Life is challenging, but you are the only one who makes it tougher. Believe your wisdom, be true to yourself and become your own best friend to find that inner peace you crave. Don’t lose sight of your life and your achievements, and you will realize the beauty that life has to offer.

Do you have trouble living in harmony with yourself?