10 Tips for Avoiding Mistakes of 2013


After Christmas our minds turn to New Year 2013. Will we be brighter, bigger, and better in the coming year or will we just make mistakes of 2013? If you want to change something and have a great 2013 check out a list of 10 tips for avoiding the mistakes of 2013.

1. Target

Want to avoid the mistakes of 2013? Then you should first target what areas of your life you want to change. Maybe you want to be healthier, be more skilled, or earn more money? As soon as you know what you want it will be easier to move forward. Take a sheet of paper and in the center of it write down things you dislike about your life. Then write down a few possible ways to solve this problem. It doesn’t matter how ridiculous or minor these ways are, facing your problem directly can make it seem less dismaying.

2. Get promoted

Of course if you want to get promoted you should work hard and be good at your job. But there are some little tricks, which can help you be promoted in 2013. Next big meeting, take advantage over your colleagues by sitting in the middle of the group. Make some suggestions, which can help, for example, improve your company’s cash flow or your company’s effectiveness.

3. Quit

Many people are unhappy in their job. Do you like your job? If you don’t, maybe it’s time to look for a new one? First of all, look around the job market, then take your contacts book and call those people who can be able to help you. You need also update your CV. Even though it can take time, when you eventually get an interview you should maintain eye contact, smile, and establish your credibility by making mention of any evident weaknesses towards the start of the interview.

4. Laugh

Laughing is great! It can lower stress, blood pressure, and boost your immune system. Sometimes we feel like we haven’t laughed enough in days, or even in months. How can you add more laughter into your life? The easiest way to add more laughter is to watch a comedy. Another way to laugh more is spending time with small kids or animals, because they are full of life and very funny. There are a few other ways to add more laughter into your life including spending time with people you find very funny.

5. Enjoy your commute

For most people commuters can experience a great stress. So if you find yourself frustrated and angry while travelling there are some steps you can take to control the stress. If you drive, it will be better to park a little way from your work and walk the remaining distance. If you take a bus or a train you can escape with your favorite book, or listen to music. You need also avoid morning naps because they can make you feel drowsier.

6. Get married

If you’ve been lonely in 2013, why not find that special someone in 2013? When you go out on a date, start by being friendly, but don’t be too clingy. Even though it seems weird, but you shouldn’t talk about the things you both like, you can talk about the things you both dislike. Another vital key dating technique is using your body language. I’m sure you know that 90 percent of meaning is derived from nonverbal clues, that’s why use your body language and maintain eye contact.

7. Say “yes”

Of course you can’t say “yes” to every opportunity, but being open to new situations and environments could positively influence your life. For example, even if you have shocking balance, try ice skating, or take a dance lesson even if you don’t have any skills. Doing new things allow you to learn new skills, meet new interesting people, and it will give you a great pleasure.

8. Spend your money wisely

I can certainly say that most of your money you spend on new gadgets, expensive cosmetics or other items for your home. Break the 2013 habit and this year buy experiences, but not goods. Go to the beach, a concert, cinema or on a journey. You might think that it’s too expensive, but it’s not like that. Buying a bus or train ticket to visit a new place is not expensive but it can be so exciting. When you’re 60 or 70 what do you think you will remember how great that brand lip gloss was or how wonderful your phone was?

9. Give your home a makeover

When you come home do you feel comforted and safe, or is it another place of stress in your life? There are many ways to improve your home in 2013. First of all, buy more lighting and swap your ceiling light for a few lamps. If your walls are bare, hang up a few pictures of happy memories. Another way to improve your home is to invest in house plants to each room and put a herb box in your balcony, window sill or garden.

10. Get lucky

If you were unlucky in 2013 why not become lucky in the coming year? Think about your character and how you react in different situations. If you’re an anxious person, you need relax, because anxious people miss out on numerous opportunities. Lucky people also have a resilient attitude to life and they can turn any bad situation into good opportunity. People who are lucky also use their intuition. These are all tips for avoiding the mistakes of 2013. Do you know some other tips? Share your thoughts, please!