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Dear Amerikanki readers, here is the end of the leap year 2012)) Our website team wishes all readers a Happy New Year 2013. We wish health and happiness to everybody! And do not forget to read more articles and stories on our website to get through the year more fun)))

So, we present you the most popular articles in 2012 that you appreciated! Our website this year was visited by 200,000 unique users, not bad compared to 80,000 last year))) Thanks for having us read!

8 Effective Ways to Make Your Ex-boyfriend Jealous (2000 unique views) – We all have ex-boyfriend that we’re trying to make jealous. So do you want to know how to make your ex jealous? Then my dear, you’ve got to read this article! I’ve got a list of 8 effective ways to make your ex-boyfriend jealous.

7 Beach-Ready Hairstyles For Summer 2012 – We can see many beach hairstyles in magazines, but very often, we realize that we need a curling iron, many styling products and a lot of time to make it!

8 Reasons He Ignores You – It’s sad, but there are many reasons he ignores you. If you notice that your boyfriend is ignoring you, do you know why? Maybe he feels pressured or he is bored of your grumbling. Read this list of 8 reasons he ignores you to make easier to know why he does that.

8 Reasons Why You Should Date a Shy Guy – There are many reasons why you should date a shy guy! Usually we ignore the shy and clumsy guys, and date with the super confident guys. However, those super confident guys aren’t the best choice.

7 Easy and Cheap Christmas Crafts – If you are on a tight budget, and looking for inexpensive Christmas crafts, this post is for you! I have some new ideas for beautiful Christmas crafts! You can make it with your children or by yourself.

20 Tips on How to Tighten Loose Skin after Losing Weight – Loose skin is one of the biggest problems after weight loss. After months of healthy living and plenty workouts, you’ve lost weight. That’s a big deal! And now, you have another problem to solve – excess skin.

9 Easy Ways to Enhance your Natural Beauty – Sometimes I so bother with my makeup that I think it would be much better to be a natural beauty. Foundation, bronzer, concealer, rouge, eye shadow, eyeliner, lipstick, it’s too much! If you want to be natural, follow my 9 easy ways on how to enhance natural beauty.

7 Secrets Boys Want to Know about Girls – Boys always say that they never understand girls, but they know how to make us happy. There are many secrets, which boys want to know about girls. We can send mix signals and easily confuse men.

15 Things You Can Do Instead of Watching TV – There are many interesting things in our life, which we can do instead of watching TV, especially when the weather outside is warm and fine. Do you like sit and stare at the television or the computer screen when the weather outside is beautiful?

21 Best Butt Exercises – If you type into Google “exercises for butt” you’ll see many pointless links. For those girls who want to go from slightly saggy to sexually attractive butt I have 21 best butt exercises, which help you to deal with your problem.

Well, that’s all))) We will try to make more interesting articles in the New in 2013 Happy New Year!