7 Ways to Have a Sober Social Life


No matter whether you’re sober, in recovery or you just don’t want to drink, it might be rather challenging to have a sober social life. A lot of social situations entail drinking alcohol and most gatherings revolve about bars and alcohols. But if you want to refrain from drinking, here are several ways on how to have a sober social life!

1. Talk about it

Before you start having a sober social life you should talk to your family and friends about it. Let them know what’s going on. In this way, you will not feel resentful or uncomfortable because they don’t know that you are not going to drink or don’t want to go to bars. However, if you don’t want to share this info with people you know, don’t. Just make sure to be prepared to have some back-up plans in case if you get in an awkward situation.

2. Make other plans

If you decide to have a sober social life it doesn’t mean that you should be at home all the time. Be more creative and plan some friend meetings that don’t involve drinking alcohol. Whether you live in a big city or in a small town, you can find plenty of fun things to do without alcohol. Have a coffee date, watch movies, or plan to do something outdoors.

3. Look for support from your friends

While you are trying to stay sober, look for support from your friends. Maybe your friends will not help you at first or they will feel uncomfortable, but don’t stop to communicate with them. However if your friends don’t support your idea of having a sober social life, you should not let them talk you out of sobriety. You need take care of yourself and if drinking alcohol is the main thing that connects you with your friends, try to make new friends.

4. Make sober friends

As I said if your current circle of friends don’t support you, why not make some new sober friends? You are not the only sober person and there are many people who don’t drink alcohol at all but know how to have fun without drinking! If you don’t know non-drinking people, don’t stress, you’ll meet them when you develop your new interests.

5. Plan dates

If you’re dating, suggest meeting up for coffee and dessert or going to the movies. If your guy has already made plans to go out to dinner, don’t worry, it’s okay too. Just focus on talk and food, but if your date pushes you to drink alcohol, you should not feel bound to stay. You are not even to tell your boyfriend that you’re not drinking alcohol and he doesn’t have any rights to make you feel awkward for this!

6. Bring your own drinks

If you are invited to a party but you decided to have a sober social life, you shouldn’t turn down an invitation. Make things easier on yourself and bring your own drinks. Don’t suppose that the host will buy some non-alcoholic drinks because most people don’t imagine party without alcohol. So take some bottles of ginger ale or juice and party on!

7. Give yourself a change of scenery

The last way to have a sober social life is to get a change of scenery. Those places where you drink alcohol or being drunk will not help you. I’m sure there are many places to hang out which you haven’t explored yet! If you live in a small town, find a time and drive out to a bigger town with your friends where you have access to more interesting places and people!

Having a sober social life might be hard sometimes but there are many people who have full social lives without drinking alcohol! Do you have some other tips on having a sober social life? Share your thoughts, please!