7 Summer Worries That Every Woman Has


Ah, summertime! The ultimate season of relaxation in the sun, going to the beach or pool, and partying it up with the music loud. This season should be one of pure excitement and sunlight, but for many women, it is also a time of worry.

As soon as the winter months start to fade and bathing suits hit the shelves, do you feel a pang of stress? You are not alone. Here are seven real summer worries that every woman experiences at least once in her life:

1. What if my face gets sunburned before a date?

Sunburn is painful, especially on your face. Imagine the horror of dozing on the beach, working on your tan for that evening’s date, and waking up several hours later to a cherry-red complexion.

Any part of you that gets sunburned is going to have repercussions. Having to cancel your date out of pain and searing embarrassment aside, that damage to your skin could cause cancer, premature aging, and sunspots.

Be like my friend who ritualistically applies sunscreen and protective moisturizer every couple of hours. Also, invest in some sunglasses and a fashionable floppy hat. Your sunburn worries will be dispelled.

2. What if my bikini line looks horrible?

So many women gasp when they pull on their swimsuit only to stare at the little red bumps along the bikini line. Our minds begin to spiral around questions like who is going to notice? How horrible does this really look? And where is the cover up?

You can avoid having to worry about your bikini line by waxing. Many women swear by bikini waxing because it reduces the frequency of having and reduces the presence of those pesky bumps. If you do not know where to go for a decent bikini wax, ask your friends and family members for recommendations.

3. Is this mascara really waterproof?

Countless women question the quality of their makeup only after diving into the pool or suffering from hours in the sun. Then they rub their eyes and find out that, sadly, no, their mascara and eyeliner, nor their foundation, is waterproof.

So they go around looking like melting candle wax for the rest of the day. There are two ways around this: do not wear makeup if you know you will be getting wet or two, purchase the heavy duty waterproof stuff that takes hours to remove.

I say, since it is summertime, abandon the fashion standards that say you need long lashes and flawless beach skin. You do not. You are going to be covered in sand, bathing in salt water, and slathering on sunscreen. Enjoy that, and stop worrying about makeup.

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4. I am going to get fat if I keep eating all this ice cream

So says the freshman college student after licking her first scoop of the season. Summertime brings body image woes. Ladies, it is cool to think smart and eat clean throughout the summer by avoiding bloat-inducing foods, like overly salty potato chips, oily pizza, and French fries.

But to skimp on ice cream all the time? If you are enjoying yourself, it is okay to treat yourself once in awhile. There is no reason to deny yourself just because you want to look like models in the magazine. Enjoy your ice cream. It is one of the most satisfactory ways to beat the heat.

5. All this sweat is really embarrassing

Women, the delicate butterflies that we are, tend to loathe sweat. In the summertime, though, sweat cannot really be avoided, no matter how much antiperspirant you put on your pits. Plus, you have back sweat, butt sweat, and breast sweat to worry about.

Sometimes, that sweat can even discolor your underarms or stain your shirts, depending on the fabric. If you are worried about BO after sweating in the summer sun, there are a couple of ways to combat it: antibacterial soap or sanitizer, toweling off, cut out aromatic food (like garlic, onion, and curry).

6. Is this summer budget going to last?

Summer turns us into spenders. There is so much to do during this season, like going on day trips to the beach, partying with friends, vacationing, home renovations, and more. Women who are on a tight budget tend to fret even more when the days get hotter and longer.

That is why budgeting is essential, but you have to be real about it too. You are going to want to have fun, so it is okay to give yourself a bit more wiggle room in your spending. Plan to make up for it in the wintertime, when there is less to do.

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7. I am so not ‘bikini-body’ ready

Raise your hands up if you looked in the mirror while trying on a bathing suit and thought, “Not today.” Guess what, it is okay. What is a “bikini body,” anyway?

I mean, anyone can wear a bathing suit; and you kind of have to if you plan to go swimming. In other words, do not worry about having some jiggle, because everyone has them. Do not worry about what other people think because as long as you feel good and are keeping cool, that is all that matters.

Summertime seems to bring out the worrywart in all of us, but do not let those summer worries detract from the fun. Whether it is your underarm sweat, getting sunburned, or not have a bikini body, there is a solution to the problem.

Plus, never let anyone dampen your summer fun. Eat that ice cream, go to the beach, and enjoy what the season has to offer.