7 Best Ways to Get Bikini Ready Skin


With summer approaching it’s time to start thinking about ways to get your skin glowing, beautiful and bikini ready! Are you ready for bikini season? If not, check out some of the best ways to get bikini ready skin!

1. Exfoliate your body

Many of us forget that exfoliating removes all of the dead cells and make your skin super clear and soft! You might exfoliate your face all of the time, but have you never thought about exfoliating your stomach, your legs and your arms? It will really make your skin shine and glow!

2. Use acne fighting body wash

If you have acne all over your arms or back, don’t worry! There is a great solution! Use acne fighting body wash and knock that acne out! Nowadays there are so many body washes that have some wonderful acne clearing properties inside of it, so forget about your typical wash for a while!

3. Take your time with your hair removal

The biggest rush that I have when I am working on getting my skin ready for bikini season is hair removal. I just want to do it as fast as possible! So taking time with your hair removal is another way to get bikini ready skin! If you take your time, you will not end up with cuts, but you will end up with much softer hair.

4. Use sunscreen

Although there are so many tips to use sunscreen, many women forget that they should use it all year round, even if there is not a lot of sun out! Make sure your skin is well protected and use a little of sunscreen on those parts of your skin that you think are going to be exposed to the sun.

5. Stay hydrated

Drinking a lot of water will keep your skin plump and very beautiful! It won’t only clear up acne and keep your skin looking clean and fresh, but also will do wonders for your whole body. Make sure you drink enough water every single day!

6. Take care of your feet

When you’re trying to get bikini ready skin, don’t forget about your feet. They need to be exfoliated, scrubbed, and moisturized as well! I use a pumice stone and apply a foot cream to my feet every single night and this keeps my heels soft and my arches looking beautiful!

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7. Use a gradual self-tanner

Before you hit the beach, consider giving yourself a bit of a tan. Use a high-quality self-tanner so that your skin gradually and naturally becomes tanner, and avoid using self-tanners that will make your skin instantly darker.

What are you most looking forward to this summer? Is it the warm weather, the swimming, or the long lazy days? What are your favorite ways to get bikini ready skin? Share your thoughts, please!