20 Best Ways to Get Ready for Bikini Season


Summer is here, as well as bikini season. Are you ready? Not yet? So you and I have a lot in common. Now we need quickly to get ready for bikini season!

We need tone up, change our diets, and what else must we do? Here are 20 best ways to get ready for bikini season. Let’s start!

1. Take care of hair

It’s very important to take care of the hair in your bikini area. You may shave or wax. One of the best way to get ready for bikini season is to tidy up your bikini area.

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2. Check for spots

Skin cancer takes more young women’s life than any other form of cancer. Remember about wearing sunblock and checking yourself.

Look closely at your skin, paying attention to any mole or freckle that looks suspicious. If you don’t know what to look for, consult your doctor.

3. Buy the right sunblock

One of the most important ways to get ready for bikini season is to buy the right sunblock. You need a broad-spectrum UVA/UVA sunblock with an SPF of at least 30. Don’t forget to apply it every 2 hours.

4. Buy the right swimsuit!

Now it’s time to buy the right swimsuit! You may not know, but even the fittest girl can have muffin top if her swimsuit doesn’t fit. If you’re going to buy a swimsuit, you should be prepared to spend a lot of time bikini shopping, and buy a swimsuit that’s larger than your jeans size.

5. Get inspired

Getting inspired is one of the best ways to get ready for bikini season! Find something that will inspire you and help motivate you to workout. It can be a photo of you from younger, chubbier days, or a page from the catalog of the swimsuit you want, whatever.

6. Try for five

If you want to lose a little weight to get ready for bikini season, now it’s time to talk about diet. You don’t need to go on some strange, strict diet, just try to substitute the sugary snacks you usually eat with healthy, fiber-rich fresh fruits and vegetables. Try to eat five handful-size servings per day!

7. Forget about fast food

Fast food is fattening, often containing many calories. If you want to prepare for bikini season this year, refuse to eat fast food all summer long. I’m sure you can do it!

8. Don’t drink soda

Soda is empty calories, calories you don’t need if you want to get into bikini season. Skip the soda, drink mixed fruit juices (with no sugar added) or ice water with a dash of lemon juice.

9. Stay hydrated

It’s important to stay hydrated when you’re poolside or at the beach. Keep a bottle of water with you at all times, and drink from it frequently.

10. Ditch the downers

One of the best ways to get ready for bikini season is to ditch all downers. There is no time to deal with the drama and insults of frenemies. Be positive, and get ready for summer!

11. Get plenty of rest

Another best way to get ready for bikini season – get plenty of rest. You’ll need it, with all the exercise and fresh air!

12. Get your cardio

Cardio exercises can help you to get ready for bikini season. Aim for four cardio sessions per week, for about half an hour each session. Cardio exercises keep your heart racing for the whole time, that can be biking, swimming, dancing, whatever!

13. Crunch time!

There’s no better way to tone your abs and core than crunches, but they can actually be fun! Use a decline bench and do three sets of twist crunches, then change it up and do reverse crunches, too!

Don’t know what’s a reverse crunch? Start sitting up, then sit half-way back, then sit up again.

14. Calf raises

And now focus on your calves for a moment. If you want bikini-ready calves, you should do calf raises. Simply roll from your flat foot to your toes, crunch for a second, then roll back to your flat foot. You’ll have perfect calves in no time.

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15. Rowing

Do you want toned arms and sexy abs? Try rowing! Remember about the right motion: don’t lean back as you complete the rowing motion. Your back must stay straight, with your hands pulling toward your middle.

16. Squats and lunges

Do you want to tone your butt and thighs? The best way to get ready for bikini season to do lunges and squats.

Do three sets of 12 of each, twice a day. Of course, it burns, but it’s so worth it!

17. Yoga

Another great way to get ready for bikini season – to get long and lean and flexible with a little yoga. Most metro parks offer morning yoga in the sunshine. I think it’s a better way to get ready for bikini season, isn’t it?

18. Sit up straight

You’re fit, but you have a belly bulge? That’s because you don’t sit up straight. Sit up, with your shoulder back and tummy tight, and you’ll look and feel much better!

19. Forget about tanning bed

We all think that tan looks healthy, but actually, it’s the first sign of sun damage. If you want the look to get ready for bikini season, use self-tanners or bronzers rather than the tanning bed. Tanning bed can cause skin cancer!

20. Hide the flaws

As long as you’re fit, and eating a healthful diet, don’t worry about the few extra pounds. Simply hide them in a cute cover-up and you’re set!

Now when we have a plan of action, we’ll be ready for bikini season anyway. Which of these ways will you get ready first? Or maybe you have another ways to get ready for bikini season. Share please!