10 Fashion Rules to Live by This Summer


Fashion rules come thick and fast each season. This summer has plenty of trends and it can all get a bit overwhelming at times. But you don’t need to be scared as most of these fashion rules can easily be interpreted to suit your own style and tastes. It doesn’t matter whether you follow fashion or not, I’m sure, you’ll be interested to know a few summer fashion rules. Here is my list of 10 Fashion Rules to Live by This Summer.

1. Have fun with color

Summer is the perfect time to embrace a colorful palette. Bright colors like tangerine, turquoise, and fuchsia are trendy this summer. Have fun with color and don’t be afraid to experiment with it!

2. Give prints a chance

If you still don’t have an interesting print in your wardrobe, now it’s time to buy it. From bright floral to bold geometric prints, adding a printed garment into your wardrobe give your summer look a fresh twist.

3. Wear pastels

Don’t like pastels? But, do you know that pastels are popular this summer? Especially dominate sorbet shades. If you don’t like pastel pinks then why not opt for cool mint shades or faded oranges?

4. Wear neon in moderation

Like all things, moderation is a key. Add neon to your outfit in the form of accessories like a statement necklace, clutch bag, or bracelet cuffs. However, avoid mixing too many neon colors together.

5. Honor the Olympic spirit

Without doubt, the Olympic spirit will dominate this summer. It doesn’t matter whether you follow sport or not, add some athletic style into your look by wearing a pair of high top sneakers, a baseball jacket, or a sporty cap.

6. Switch stripes for polka dots

Sure, stripes are a firm favourite for summer dressing, or even year-round dressing, but this year is all about the polka dot. Larger polka dot patterns are preferred. Just look for interesting color combinations.

7. Embrace a clean slate

An all-white outfit is one of the biggest trends this season. However, avoid messy foods and be careful of spilling anything on your white clothes.

8. Wear slouchy pants

Put off the skirts and wear a pair of slouchy pants in a lightweight fabric to get around in this summer. As opposed to tailored styles, slouchy pants can be more forgiving for the figure. Choose a bold print if that’s your style, or choose neutrals for something more timeless.

9. Go Retro

When it comes to fashion rules, Retro, sixties aesthetics are trending this summer. Even the most modern outfits can be given a retro style. Just add subtle accessories such as a pair of cat eye sunglasses or a framed handbag to your look.

10. Remember the basics

One of the most important fashion rules is to make sure that you have classic outfits in your wardrobe to supplement each season’s trends, it can be a crisp white blouse, fitted jeans, or ballet flats.

With these summer fashion rules, you may boldly experiment with what works for you. And now, could you tell us what fashion rules will you be living by this summer?