8 Cool Summer Soft Jewelry Accoutrements This Summer


This summer snappy dressers vote for natural materials, essential colors and traditional shapes. To satisfy their demands, world fashion created the so-called soft jewelry accoutrements. All this soft jewelry is made of silk, wool, cotton, leather etc. and usually has essential colors: white, brown, black, green, etc. Let’s have a look on the cutest 8 soft jewelry pieces.

1. Leather and Howlite Multi Strand Bracelet

Leather wrap bracelets are nice for both men and women, but there are some small details, that make usual bracelet look very feminine. Take several laces of leather and wrap them around your wrist and then just hang some cute charms on your bracelet. So you’ll get your exclusive hand-made bracelet. Or you can just simply find and buy it at etsy.com

2. Peach Sherbet Extra Long Feather Earrings

Exotic earrings made of fluffy oversized long feathers look very fashionable this summer. They’re cheap and match any outfit or dress. With this accessory you can make a step to Southern world and feel the spirit of Indians.

3. Cream Flower HeadBand

Headbands are extremely popular this summer. You can choose oversized flower-decorated headband or just a simple black lace, everything will look good. Wide choice of soft headbands you can find at asos.com

4. Luxurious Feel Velvet Turban

Gorgeous head turbans were created to make each lady look fantastic. Once having put this accessory on your head, you can never say goodbye to it. It is nice with long maxi dresses and with skinny jeans, short vests and Ray Ban wayfarers on.

5. Cream Long Lace Ruffle Scarf

Ruffle scarves are the most wanted vintage summer accessory. Variety of colors and textures make this accessory really adorable. Using this accessory you can create a classic traditional look or a romantic and very feminine style. You choose!

6. Cream Taffeta Bow Belt

Some ladies say that it’s very easy to make a bow belt with your own hands. Just have a look for some tutorials in Google. For those, who are too lazy to waste their time on handmade stuff, I recommend to visit etsy.com and find there some elegant and subtle bow belts.

7. Red Floral Ring

These rings made of roved wool flowers or crocheted petals look amazingly real. Even the wind can move their petals and they can smell of your favorite scent. What can be better?

8. Fairytales and flowers Necklace

Soft necklaces are just going to be popular this season, so I suppose they’re very perspective fashionable accessory. This Necklace I found is really magic. The girl looks like a fairy from the magic wood. Take a close look at it and you will like it anyway.

So these are the coolest soft jewelery accoutrements that worth our attention. I hope this little review will help you to choose the best summer accessories and to stay at the top of fashion.