7 Hair-Care Hints for This Summer


Don’t let your hair’s fear of the UV rays, chlorine, or salt water stop you from soaking up the sun! Here are seven tips to have a relaxing summer and great head of hair at the end of it.

1. Mind the chlorine

Even the mere mention of the word summer brings to mind clear, sunny days spent lounging at the pool. But before you dive in for a quick dip, make sure to protect your locks from the biggest culprit of damaged hair: chlorine.

Before swimming, rinse your hair with fresh water and comb through with leave-in conditioner. This keeps your hair moisturized and limits the amount of chlorinated water absorbed.

The chlorine in pools often causes blonde hair to involuntarily go green. However, rinsing hair with a pale brew for a few minutes neutralizes the chlorine and keeps light hair healthy. So, if you have light hair, don’t forget to grab a beer post-swim. Alas, blondes really do have more fun.

2. Hair wrap once a week

Though the sparkly, blue ocean may call to you like a siren to a sailor, don’t rush in too quickly. The sun, arid air and salt water dry out ends quickly, so take the time to apply a reconstructive mask at least once a week. After applying the mask, wrap hair in a hot towel and rinse after the towel is cool to the touch.

3. Sunscreen

You apply sunscreen to your skin—doesn’t your hair deserve the same treatment? Use shampoo and conditioner with at least SPF 10 sunscreen during the hot months. If you don’t want to invest in expensive products, you can make your own by mixing two teaspoons of sunscreen into one cup of water and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Lightly spray damp hair to protect it from UV damage.

4. Healthy Diet

Vitamin B5 strengthens hair and protects it from UV damage, so load up on mushrooms, cheese, and sun-dried tomatoes (which sounds like a delicious combination, by the way). And of course, make sure to stay hydrated as much as possible.

5. Trim those split ends

In the summer, trim your hair more often to keep split ends at bay. If your normal routine is a trim every six weeks, cut it down to four when the sun is out to keep hair healthy.

6. Hairstyle

Summer is all about being free and natural—and your hair will thank you for that. Try to avoid use of chemicals like dyes and gels and hot tools such as flat irons; instead, embrace your natural waves. If frizz is a problem, add a bit of lightweight anti-frizz serum to damp hair and gently scrunch your hair while blow-drying on low with a diffuser.

7. Buy that hat you’ve been eyeing

Go on, now’s the time! Wearing a summer hat not only adds a stylish accessory to your ensemble, but also protects your tresses from the sun and salty air.