7 Best Skin Lightening Tips for Winter


Keeping my skin bright and fresh is one of the biggest problems that I have in the winter until I learned these skin-lightening tips for winter weather! If you want to have fresh skin, check out these 7 skin-lightening tips for winter, and your skin will look beautiful, in spite of what the weather is outside!

1. Cleanse twice a day

I often sleep in my makeup and do not cleanse twice a day, but recently I found out that you can get your skin brighter if you actually cleanse twice a day. Cleansing twice kicks all of the oil out of your pores and leaves your skin looking beautiful and bright!

2. Exfoliate to leave fresh skin

The second skin-lightening tip for winter is all about exfoliating! It helps to scour away all dead skin cells and leaves fresh and new skin underneath. Personally, I take strawberries, mash them up in a bowl and then exfoliate with them. It works perfectly and by the way, it’s natural!

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3. Moisturize

It’s also important to moisturize your skin and no matter if it is the summer or if it is the winter. Moisturizing will certainly make your skin appear smoother and more hydrated. Keep your skin moisturized, drink more water and you will see how beautiful it can really be!

4. Lightening face mask

This is another skin-lightening tip for winter. There are plenty of good lightening face masks to try, and your task is to find the right one that works well for your skin! Use a lightening face mask once a week and you will see how bright and beautiful your skin can be!

5. Use lemon juice

In fact, this skin lightening technique you can have all of the time, not only in the winter. If you have a really oily face, take a bit of lemon juice, and swipe it along your face!

Also, lemon juice can help to brighten up your freckles. Just a dab of lemon juice goes a long way!

6. Add more vitamin C

Adding more vitamin C to your diet is important especially in the winter. No matter whether you are eating more oranges or you are just taking a vitamin C pill, make sure that you are increasing your dosage. In fact, vitamin C is not only good for your immune system, but it’s also good to lighten up your skin in the winter!

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7. Keep your use of alcohol to a minimum

If you want to lighten up your skin in winter, you should make sure that you minimize your use of alcohol! Now I’m absolutely serious, girls, if you don’t want to overdry your face when you are brightening it up, try not to drink alcohol.

There are many different skin lightening tips and these are just a few. Do you have some other tips? Share your thoughts, please!