7 Great Dollar Store Items


Recently, I learned some ways to bargain shop without sacrificing time, quality or style. One of my favorite places to find cute seasonal items or everyday products is the dollar store. I know where every store is in my area and sometimes visit them to find the greatest and latest things for less. I’ve got a list of a few great dollar store items.

1. Sunglasses

I always buy sunglasses at the dollar store. They are not Gucci, of course, but I don’t care. I’m a little bit careless with my sunglasses so when I break a pair in a month, I don’t want to pay over $5-$10 for sunglasses. That’s why I buy basic brown and black shades that come in stylish, up to date frames from the dollar store. I am not a brand snob, so I don’t care that my sunglasses are not designer, but I save a lot of money and still look great!

2. Spices

Spices are another dollar store items to buy. You can usually buy 2 for $1, and they taste just as good as the spices you buy at the supermarket. And they are the same size. My favorite spices are black pepper, oregano, cinnamon, paprika, ginger and red pepper flakes to spice up fish dishes, eggs, salads, smoothies, etc. I prefer the oregano at the dollar store to the other brands. I think it just tastes even better.

3. Hair combs and brushes

You can buy the same comb or brush at the dollar store paying from $1 to $5 that you would buy pricey salon brushes. Why pay more? Especially if it is the exact same brush. Get your combs and brushes at the dollar store along with hair bands and bobby pins. You will pay half price for these essential items and nobody will care or know where they came from.

4. Moisturizers

If you think that it’s impossible to buy effective moisturizers at the dollar store, you are wrong! I like brands like Neutrogena and Garnier that cost about $3 at the dollar store than at other stores I’ve visited. Sometimes there’s also a coupon for moisturizers in the weekly circular, so you can save more money by bringing a coupon!

5. Beauty products

You can also buy beauty products at dollar store. Many women believe that beauty products at such stores are bad and not worth buying, but I can say that it’s not true. Sure, there are some differences, but they are not considerable. Visit the dollar store for your next tube of foundation or eyeliner and save your money!

6. Coffee filters

Coffee filters can be also bought at the dollar store, and there may be a thousand coffee filters in a pack that costs usually $1. However, don’t buy coffee at the dollar store, since it’s often more expensive than at the grocery stores.

7. Body wash and soap

Most name brand body washes and soaps are usually 15% less at the dollar stores. You will be astonished at how up to date and inexpensive the products are at the dollar stores. These are great dollar store items to buy!

I’m always looking for bargains and I would rather save money for quality food, entertainment, and cute clothes than spend it on these everyday items. How often do you visit the dollar store? What do you usually buy? Share your thoughts, please!