10 Gorgeous Ways to Wear Rompers


With spring just around the corner, it is time to bring some lighter garments out of our closets. If you are all about flowy fabrics, rompers are definitely your thing. They are pretty similar to jumpsuits, but can be classified as more informal. They make a perfect alternative to lighter dresses and are overall on the casual side. Here are 10 ways to wear rompers this spring.

1. With a bright clutch


Sure, rompers come in various shapes and patterns. While most of the monochromatic looks require some accessories at least to freshen up the look, this does not go for patterned rompers. If you opt for one with a vivid floral pattern, or just any colorful model, you should not overwhelm it with tons of jewelry. A simple matching clutch would do instead to top your look.

2. With a leather jacket


If you need to keep warm, especially in the evening, this is a great way for you to resist wind and the chill. By combining a slightly elegant sequined romper with a timeless piece such as a leather jacket, you will achieve a rock look with a bit of edge. This matches perfectly with leather ankle boot, but heels are also fine if you wish to remain on the elegant side.

3. With a scarf


Rompers are usually light by definition, but there are always ways to add some more airiness to your look. One of the ways to achieve this is a light scarf, especially a lighter one that completes the pastel look. This neck-hugging accessory can be beautifully styled with some bangles, and a nice clutch, and flat sandals, or even wedges, just to keep it casual.

4. With a kimono


Another garment that is great friends with a romper is kimono. The two have a couple of things in common – they are light, loose-fitting and can be incredibly flattering to your figure If you choose the right one. One of the best ways to combine them is to wear a patterned kimono over a plain romper. It would be great if the kimono was slightly longer than the romper.

5. With tights and a sweater


Who says rompers are only reserved for sunny days? You can defy the weather and wear your favorite piece if you just cover your arms and legs. Your best friends here are tights and sweaters, bound to ardently protect you from the cold. Now you can enjoy layering to your heart’s content. Some leather ankle boots will complement this look, and keep you warm from head to toe.

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6. Go hippie


If you want to bring back the peace and love, you can easily achieve it with a flower-infused romper. However, what makes this look hippie is not only the pattern, but the tailoring, since it leaves your shoulders free, embracing your upper arms. Some boho jewelry will bring out the best of this look, and the final touch would be a fringe suede bag. Flower power!

7. With a fedora


With March comes the spring, and with spring comes the sun. You will take out the sunglasses, but that may not be enough. The best protection you can have is adding a fedora on the top. This not only shields your face, but also combines perfectly with a romper. Since a fedora is simple enough in its own right, it will be a great addition to a patterned model.

8. With a denim jacket


Among other garments, denim jacket is also romper-friendly. This brings casual to another level, in addition to keeping you warm. Since the denim-jacket element is sporty to some extent, it is great to style the romper with a larger bag, and flats, sneakers or even ballerinas. The look is perfect for regular daily occasions, since it is pretty comfortable.

9. With a belt


It is incredible how such a seemingly tiny piece as a belt can alter your look. A strap along the waistline brings out the best of your figure, and it does not matter if it is a wider or a narrow belt, the effect is similarly fabulous. This is a wonderful thing to do, especially with a plain romper, which leaves much space for accessorizing.

10. With a statement necklace


As far as the combinations go, there is that one accessory that can successfully spice up almost any outfit – her majesty Statement Necklace. The choice of the necklace itself is up to you, but one thing is for sure – once you put it on, you are all set. You might want to put some shoes on, and grab a bag, and you have got yourself the perfect look.

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Rompers are just perfect for beach, dancing, dinner out, girls’ night out, dates, and even office if you combine it with the right pieces of clothing and jewelry. Rompers are pretty cheap so investing in one might be a good idea for spring and summer. Are you one of those girls who love rompers?