7 Fun Drinking Games to Play with Your Love


Let’s be honest, ladies: sometimes the relationship gets stale. We are all riding the post-Valentine’s day high, and there is usually nothing that can be done about it… until now. We are all getting older and there is nothing wrong with spending a night in, instead of going out. What would you like to do on your night in? Why not play a few drinking games with your lover? Here are 7 drinking games to challenge your love interest today:

1. Beer Pong

Okay, okay, hear me out first. Perhaps you have not played beer pong since college, so why not bring back that same fun into your relationship? If you do not like the taste of beer, do sparkling wine, or simply use water for the cups themselves and then take a shot of your hard liquor of choice. Make it even more interesting and naughty by playing strip-beer pong.

2. I will bet that…

The rules are simple: no lying. Pour 2 shots of the liquor of choice and face each other. You make an assumption about your lover, such as “I will bet you secretly ate that last slice of cake in the fridge.” If you guess right, they take a shot. If you guess wrong, you take the shot. But do not use this game to solve your relationship issues; this is supposed to be fun, remember?

3. Drunken artist

This is like a game of pictionary, only with booze. You and your lover write down topics and pull them out of a hat. You set a timer of 30 seconds and pick a topic out of the hat, and then draw it to the best of your ability. Your love has to guess what it is, and if they get it wrong, they drink. If they get it right, you drink. If you are such a bad artist that they cannot even discern what it is supposed to be in the first place, though, you both drink.

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4. Cup swap

This one is fun too. Each player gets 2 cups. Fill one of your cups with booze of choice, and get a couple of big soup spoons from the kitchen drawer. Start the timer and each of you has to get as much liquid into the empty cup as possible using the spoon and only the spoon. The person that loses has to drink the remainder of their glass.

5. Truth, truth, lie

This is a classic game. You tell 2 true facts and a lie, and your partner has to guess which one you are lying about. If they guess right, you drink; if they guess wrong, then they have to drink. This is certainly not limited in topics, and can be fun for the more academic types, especially, because you can rattle off some fun facts about elephants or astrophysics or something like that. You will have fun.

6. Tongue-tied

Remember tongue-twisters when you were a kid? Get on your phones and pick a tongue-twister, and say it together. The person that gets tongue-tied first has to take a drink. You can also have your partner pick a tongue-twister for you and then you say it. If you can get all the way through without messing up, they have to drink. If you cannot get through it without messing up, then you drink. As you can imagine, this gets crazy-fun fast.

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7. Netflix and Chill

This is my personal favorite drinking game. Take a hat, any hat, and set it on the corner of your TV monitor. Pick a movie, TV series, etc., and pour the drinks. Every time someone on the screen ends up wearing the hat, take a drink. This way, you both get equally drunk and are already in bed, so…

There are tons of fun drinking games to play with your significant other. Plus, you can come up with your own ideas. If both of you want a drink but have no reason for it, having fun is already a reason. Have any other ideas? Let us know in the comments.