8 Fun Fall Date Ideas to Jazz Up Your Relationship


The fall season isn’t about rainy, lazy days, seasonal depression and indoor activities. It’s about fun, love and creativity. These fall-inspired date ideas can help you jazz up your relationship and get out of a boring rut. Just because the temperatures drop doesn’t mean you have to limit your dates to dinner and a movie night only. Fall is the perfect time for hay rides, orchards, and for enjoying the crisp air outside. Enjoy the season with your significant other by trying out any of these amazing fall date ideas.

1. Take a hayride

When the air is crisp, taking a hayride is a must-try activity, especially if you two live in a big city. All you need is a hoodie, a pair of jeans, boots, and of course, a wonderful mood and a positive mindset. If you and your partner are not allergic to hay, it’s time to take a hayride!

2. Pick apples

Apple picking is one of the most common fall activities that you can easily turn into a fun fall date idea. It can also be a perfect place to grab your camera and take plenty of great photos! Pick a bunch of apples and make a sweet apple pie together tonight. It’s a cheap idea that won’t wreck your budget.

3. Attend fall festivals and fairs

There are plenty of wonderful fall festivals and fairs out there so why not attend one of them? My partner and I like attending the arts and crafts fairs in the fall, when we don’t have to worry about being too sweaty and tired because of unbearably hot weather. If you are short on cash, look for free or budget-friendly festivals that will help you save your hard-earned money and bring some fun into your relationship.

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4. Farmer’s market shopping

Are you going to cook a super romantic meal together? What about shopping at farmer’s market first? This fall date idea is especially perfect if you’re going to cook with local ingredients. There are plenty of different farmer’s markets full of fresh veggies and fruits, so why not take advantage of it?

5. Pumpkin carving

Do you think that picking out pumpkins is fun? And now think of carving those pumpkins up! This is totally creative fall date idea that I love most of all. You can try different patterns and don’t be afraid to go a little bit crazy. You can even hold a small contest and see who will carve pumpkins best – you or your significant other?!

6. Corn maze challenge

Are you ready to take the corn maze challenge with your partner? My sweetheart is planning a date like this and I’m so excited! However, keep in mind that a corn maze can take more than 2 hours to go through, so think twice before making it a date. If both of you are huge corn maze junkies, bring your flashlights and try out a thrilling night corn maze.

7. Take a scenic cruise

Trying to plan a cute date with your sweetie? Taking a beautiful scenic cruise is one of the best fall date ideas both of you will definitely love. It’s an excellent way to see all of the different fall colors, and right out on the water. Just be sure to dress warm and grab some hot cocoa or hot lemon tea. The last thing you want deal with after your romantic date is flu, right?

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8. Go hiking

Fall hiking is one of the healthiest date ideas to try. Not only is hiking a wonderful workout, it’s an easy way to connect with nature and wake up spiritually. The temperature is perfect and the scenery is breathtakingly picturesque, so what are you waiting for? Get your favorite boots out and ask your sweetie out on an active date on the trails. Grab some healthy snacks and drinks to have a little fall-inspired picnic.

Say goodbye to boring dates this fall. With a little creativity and effort, you can create an unforgettable date that your partner will remember for good. Are you a fan of fall dates? How do you and your significant other enjoy this beautiful season? Please comment below and share some new ideas with us.