10 Ways to Become a Successful Manager


There are many ways to become a successful manager and it’s not as difficult as most of us think. A manager plays a significant role in guiding the team members as well as motivating them to stay focused. Here are a few important tips you should follow if you want to become a successful manager.

1. Stay balanced

If you want to become a successful manager, it is important that you stay balanced all the time. Never let the success of a project go to your head and do not allow a failure to go to your heart. When you feel yourself balanced as a person, you could give justice to your team and all the recommendations and help they need.

2. Learn to keep the team together

As a manager you have some people working under you as a team, there always exist some ego conflicts or personal issues amongst them. And it is your duty to find out how to keep the team working in a good way together. You have to realize every person and work accordingly so as to not have any clashes within the team. In addition, you need to be sure that you are not biased towards a definite team member and treat them all equally. This will definitely provide the success of the team.

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3. Seek employee feedback

If you want constantly improve yourself as a manager, you need to be open to the feedback from the employees. Try to be open to suggestions and criticism. This will give you fresh ideas on how you can be more successful as a manager and help you to get a reality check. Moreover, this would make the team members understand that they are being heard.

4. Learn how to delegate well

When you are a successful manager, you always know who will do a definite task better. Pay attention to the limitations and potentials of each of your team members. It would demand a keen sense of observation and a close analysis. The way you delegate everything will bring the best in the person and will help motivate the team to success.

5. Know how to give constructive feedback

Sometimes one of your team members may let you down. Do not plainly point out all their flaws and mistakes. You have to learn how to give a feedback in a constructive manner. This will help them understand their mistake and motivate them not to repeat the mistake. In addition, it will help to keep the morale of the team high.

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6. Put your ego aside

If you really want to become a successful manager, you have to work on dealing with your ego. All this power may corrupt you and you can be afraid of the changes that the power has brought in you. Keep in mind that you are not ideal and good managers aren’t born. When you personally do not have any ego issues, your team members will definitely learn from you and will try to follow you.

7. Take responsibility for your mistakes

If you are the manager, it does not mean that you are ideal and you should not take responsibility for your actions or mistakes. There will be situations where you might take the wrong decision or might make an error in judgment. Never be shy from taking full responsibility for your mistake and accepting it. This attitude will trickle down and would inspire each and every team member to emulate you. It will also show a great strength of your character.

8. Learn to motivate the team

As a manager you need to know how to help the team when there is a difficult task ahead or when the team has faced a failure. Only you have to lift the morale of all the team members and step up to the task by knowing what will motivate them. This demands the ability to see the best in every one and a deep understanding of your team members.

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9. Learn to communicate better

Being a manager, it is important that you get your message across clearly. It doesn’t matter whether you are addressing a person or the whole team, you should be clear about your objectives and goals. Moreover, be sure to work on your body language. You have to learn also how to be strict without being offensive or rude. Appreciate team members if they do a good job and know how to give a constrictive feedback when someone is hesitating. Just learn how to say and when to say the things that you wish to convey.

10. Lead by example

When you give a speech or a piece of advice a team member to work in a particular way or follow definite work ethics, you need to make sure that you personally walk the talk first. For example, you cannot demand from your teammates to come to office in time if you are always late. Your employees will respect you more when they see you follow all the practices that you teach them. This will provide a healthy relationship with your team members.

A successful manager keeps a team focused and moving towards common goals. Follow my tips and you will definitely become a great manager. If you are an experienced manager, do you have any tips to share?