7 Career-Ending Habits to Avoid


You are speeding down the highway, fighting with morning traffic, when you realize you left your briefcase at home on the kitchen table. Now you have to go all the way back home, which means you will be late for work again. At this rate, you will never get a rise, much less a promotion.

Despite any past mishaps, it is possible to shape up and avoid ruining your career. Everyone wants to be successful at their jobs, however, there are seven bad habits that could potentially ruin your career. These habits should be avoided at all costs.

1. Being always late

One of the most important destructive habits to avoid is arriving to work late. Getting to work on time can seem almost impossible, especially with traffic and weather conditions changing each day.

If you get a full night of sleep, and get up on time each morning, you can ensure that you will not be late. Being late for just a few minutes can throw an entire day off schedule, especially if your arrival relieves someone else from their shift.