10 Unique Christmas Date Ideas


Spending time with someone special over the holidays is harder than it might sound. With all the hustle and bustle of Christmas, relationships are often left behind. A romantic, snowy date could be the perfect way to reconnect with each other.

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Below are some of the unique Christmas date ideas both of you will love:

1. Spend the afternoon surprising people

Make up some gift bags with holiday goodies like hot chocolate mix and marshmallows tucked into a holiday mug. Leave them on people’s doorsteps, ring the bell and run. It is a fun version of a childhood game, with much nicer results.

2. Build a snow fort

When was the last time you designed and built a snow fort? You can build one fort and have a snowball fight with the neighborhood kids, or build individual forts and face off against each other.

3. Bake some cookies

Baking together can be amazingly romantic and at the end of your date, you will have a cozy home and plenty of treats. If you bake extras, you can package them up and drop them off for friends, co-workers, or a church group. Alternatively, bake and decorate a couple’s gingerbread house.

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4. People watch at the mall

This time of year, the mall is full of busy shoppers and harried store clerks. Grab a snack or a milkshake and sit down on a bench where you can watch people rush by. Try coming up with stories for the various shoppers you see. You will quickly get to know your date better by the way they describe the people you see.

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5. Buy some ugly sweaters

Head to the nearest thrift shop to find the ugliest sweaters you can. Snap pictures of each other trying the sweaters on and buy the worst ones to wear to a party. The memories will last a lifetime.

6. Go caroling at a nursing home or hospital

Check with the nursing home to find out if they allow caroling before you let your friends know. Caroling can be a good group date and it will make some senior citizens very happy. If you have time, sit down after the caroling and get to know some of the residents.

7. Have a snow picnic

Plan ahead and make a delicious picnic that includes hot chocolate or apple cider in a thermos. Head to a favorite park and surprise your date with a fuzzy blanket, hand warmers, and some good food. Finish it all off with a cup of hot chocolate while you enjoy the snow.

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8. Read to each other

Pick a Christmas story like the Velveteen Rabbit, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, or another good holiday story and take turns reading it aloud. Curled up in front of a crackling fire, reading a childhood favorite with your loved one, can be an incredibly romantic experience.

9. Make a child’s day

Plan to see a holiday school performance and take several bouquets of flowers. When the kids finish, toss flowers at them. You will make the young actors feel pretty good about themselves. Save a flower to present to your date, along with the program, as a memento.

10. Watch the sunset

Drive with your date to a lookout or dock where you can see the sunset. Sit in the car and nibble on candy canes while you watch the sky turn colors. Hot chocolate is always a good addition to a winter date.

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Do not let the snow get in the way of your creativity over the holidays. You can actually use it to make the setting even more romantic and special for your date. Turn the cold into a reason to cuddle up to your significant other to stay cozy.