7 Tips for Motivating and Energizing Employees


How many enthusiastic employees do you have? Unfortunately, today most people work just in order to make money. But you can change this situation and have really motivating and energizing employees. Start with their very first day.

At an average company on a typical first day, the new employee usually fills out forms, or orders those business cards and most of the time sits alone. After that long first day, the employee relives only the awful start. That’s because the boss has squashed his or her enthusiasm from the very beginning. Here are a few tips for motivating and energizing employees.

1. Be prepared for their first day

One of the best ways to motivate and energize new employees is to be prepared before their get to work. Don’t forget to thank them for joining your company. Tell them how glad you are to have them as a part of your team.

Try to give their business cards the day they start. A business card is something they can show when they get home after their first working day. Then, you can go out for a department lunch.

2. Define their role and responsibilities

It’s really vital to show, but don’t just tell, your new employees how important they are to your company. Explain to them how you will measure their progress in order to let them know what to expect. Define their role and responsibilities and let them understand why their job is so beneficial and critical to the company.

3. Use the buddy system

Another way to motivate and energize employees is using the buddy system. Designate one of your permanent workers to take the new employee under his/her wing. It should be a formal system.

The buddy should help them navigate the company, and address their questions. The buddy also should be available anytime the new employee meets with him or her in order to get some help.

4. Have a huddle every day

Every morning get all your employees together for a brief 15-minute huddle. Give quick updates on the good news and the challenges your company is facing at the present time. Let an enthusiastic person lead the meeting so that most employees are excited for the day ahead.

5. Break down some barriers

Sometimes it’s useful to break down the barrier between business and fun. Have departments take all employees out to a sporting event or for bowling. You can even take a hike during business time.

It might sound strange, but such kind of break will not only promote bonding time but also build enthusiasm. Don’t forget about birthdays and other personal announcements.

6. Reprimand an employee in private

It’s better to reprimand an employee in private, not in front of his or her colleagues. Remember, this builds loyalty.

So next time you need to correct or discipline an employee, do it with compassion and do it privately. It’s very important not to embarrass anyone.

7. Praise in public

Praising in front of the company-specific accomplishments or contributions that individuals make is one of the best ways to motivate employees. You can do it during daily huddles. It will not only show your employees that they’re appreciated, but it will also motivate others to go above and beyond what you expect of them, and achieve their goals.

I’m sure you know that enthusiastic workers maintain the morale of the whole team. Enthusiastic workers are more committed to the success of the company because they do an exceptional job.

That’s why don’t lose your employees to the competition, boredom, frustration, or apathy, even if you don’t invest in them personally. Do you know some other ways to motivate and energize employees? Share your thoughts, please!