5 Qualities That Make Women Boring in Relationships


We have all been there. You are in a relationship that seemed to be going great and then all of a sudden it fizzles out and you are left single. Again.

If you find yourself in this place time and time again, it may be time to take a look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are too boring. No offense intended, but relationships get stale quickly if one person is constantly a bore, so read through these five qualities and make sure none of them apply to you.

1. Wallflowers have more fun than you

If you are constantly trying to blend into the background when you are out together socially, chances are you are not doing yourself any favors. We get it, it is scary putting yourself out there and you may fear being judged, but screw them all. Go be yourself and stand out for a change.

2. You are too scared to do anything

Many women are terrorized by the idea of making mistakes and so they never try anything new or exciting. And if it is not new or exciting, more than likely it is boring.

When was the last time you took a chance and tried a new restaurant, hobby, career – anything? Mistakes lead to greatness and growth, so stop avoiding them.

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3. You are quiet as a mouse

We have all been scolded for being too loud and unfortunately, that stuck with some of us a little too much and now we are scared to ever speak up. If you are constantly worried that you will make a scene or insult someone or say the wrong thing, give yourself a break and speak up for a change. Opinions are a good thing.

4. You are clueless about other people

On the flip side of number three, if all you do is talk about yourself, that is pretty boring, too. The world does not revolve around you, and it is time that you learned that lesson.

Try asking about other people and then shut your mouth and listen. This leads to interesting conversations that are anything but boring.

5. Passion is not your middle name

Being passionate about something makes you come alive, so ask yourself: when was the last time you were truly passionate about something? If your last relationship did not make you passionate, it is probably a good thing that it ended.

But before you jump into the next one, take the time to get to know yourself and find something that lights your fire and makes you come alive. That is the most attractive thing in a woman and it is far from boring. Find a new hobby or aspiration and then chase after it instead of some boy.

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If you read through these qualities and think they may describe you, fear not. It is not too late to become the most interesting person in the room.

All it takes is to let go of your fears and believe in yourself. Confident women are absolutely the most attractive women in the world and you can be one of them. Ditch boring and become amazing!