8 Worst Date Ideas Ever


When looking for some date ideas online, we usually look for the best ideas or most romantic ones, but do you know what the worst date ideas are? The date, especially the first one, is a great opportunity to get to know him better and give him a change to see your traits.

Depending on where you go, your date may be either super romantic or super boring. The last thing you want to do is to spoil your mood or the whole date. If you want to avoid dating nightmares, stay away from these worst date ideas:

1. Museum wanderings

I enjoy wandering around museums, but this activity is definitely not for a date. First, because you won’t have enough time to speak to each other. Second, because museums are usually full of crowds.

If you want to visit a museum, invite your friends to join you. Chances are, your date won’t like this boring date idea.

2. Movie date

Movie date is one of the most popular yet worst date ideas out there. This date idea is perfect for those couples who have been together for years and who don’t want to talk on a date. Really, you should keep silent for about 2 hours and both of you won’t have an opportunity to know each other better. Not so fun!

3. Exercise date

While exercising with your partner strengthens your muscles,improves your heart, well-being and your relationship, dating and exercise don’t actually go well together. Both of you will end up being sweaty, tired and exhausted. Unless you two are active on a daily basis, avoid hiking, riding bikes, running, playing golf or tennis on your date.

4. Double date

Double dates are fun but you won’t feel like you are on a date. You will feel like you are hanging out with some friends, but nothing more.

Moreover, your partner may not like the idea of double date, or if you don’t like this idea let him know. This idea isn’t for introverts either. Opt for more romantic ideas like walking in the moonlight or having a picnic in the park.

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5. Little coffee date

Short dates rarely end happily. You won’t be able to get to know each other well and it won’t be a romantic date. While busy people choose to have little coffee dates, it’s best to forget about your business or job for a while and spend the whole evening with your significant other.

Don’t let anyone disturb both of you. When you are on a coffee date, you have more chances to meet your friends, so this is certainly one of the worst date ideas ever.

6. Club date

Hanging out with your friends in the club is a fun way to spend a night, but this idea isn’t perfect for your date. Music is too loud and the crowd is unbearable.

You won’t hear each other and you won’t feel like you have a date. Instead of going to the club, stay home, turn on some music and have a romantic dinner together.

7. Zoo date

I’ve noticed that zoo dates are popular among young couples but still think it’s one of the worst date ideas ever. This idea may be amazing for teens, but not for 20-something or 30-something woman.

You don’t know whether your date loves animals or maybe he doesn’t enjoy visiting zoos. If both of you want to visit a zoo, then why not? But this is definitely not the best first date idea.

8. BBQ date

The BBQ season is here and it may be tempting to have a BBQ date, but hold on and think again. Your BBQ date will probably be messy and you won’t be able to wear your favorite dress or blouse.

A BBQ date isn’t romantic either. Consider going to a restaurant or cooking a romantic meal at home.

There are many more awful date ideas like a paintball date that can make your first date the last one. When picking your date location, consider something unusual and fun. If you are going to have a first date, keep in mind that a first impression is highly crucial.

What was the worst date you have ever been on?