10 Awesome Valentine’s Day Ideas for Singles


Don’t feel sorry for yourself if you are single on Valentine’s Day. Forget about the tradition and celebrate this holiday in your own way! When you’re single, you need to spend Valentine’s Day avoiding restaurants full of couples, the myriad heart-shaped cards, balloons and candies. Check out some creative ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you are single.

1. Be creative

If you think that Valentine’s Day is just another day, then spend this day involving yourself in something you like and that has nothing in common with the Valentine’s Day celebration. It’ll remind you that this is only a day out of the year and put you in touch with how beautiful your life is. There are many wonderful things to do when you are single on Valentine’s Day. Take time to think about things you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t have free time. Did you always want to knit a nice dress for yourself? Valentine’s Day may be a great time to do it. While knitting you can enjoy watching your favorite movie.

2. Make a list of things you love about yourself

How often do you take time to remind yourself of your good qualities? Most of us rely on others to tell us what they love about us, and we often expect them to compliment us. But, it’s actually our responsibility to love ourselves first, since we usually love others and forget to love ourselves. Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to remind yourself of all those amazing things that make you special, though you can opt for this way any time that you feel lonely. This will help to boost your mood and love yourself again. Write down all the things that you like about yourself on slips of red, pink and white paper and put them into a rainy day jar. This stash of great reminders will help you to make it through the times when you feel lonely or when you are struggling with your low self-esteem, anxiety or depression. I believe this is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself on Valentine’s Day!

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3. Plan a fun party

If you are single and you have lots of single friends, there is another great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Why not throw a tobogganing or skating party with your best friends? You will get into the spirit of play and remind yourself that romance is not so important. After all, who says that we only have to think about love on Valentine’s Day? Have fun and enjoy your single life!

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4. Go for a walk with your dog

Perhaps, you’ve already heard of people who celebrate Valentine’s Day with their beloved pet. Why not? I don’t consider those people crazy because pets are wonderful companions and sometimes it’s better to spend time with them than with people who don’t love you or don’t care about you. If you have a dog, why not hang out with him/her? Your dog doesn’t care what day it is and he truly loves you. If you don’t have a dog, but you have a cat, you can also go for a walk with your cat and spend a great evening with him/her.

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5. Plan a pot luck dinner

Gather your single friends together and organize a pot luck dinner. You can even do a theme party. Host a wine and cheese party where everybody brings their favorite drink and food. It’s one of the best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, especially if you are on a tight budget

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6. Buy yourself a Valentine’s gift

Everyone deserves to be loved, but it’s easy to feel left out on Valentine’s Day. If you are worried about standing out from the crowd among those who receive flowers on Valentine’s Day at school or work, why not send yourself a bouquet of your favorite flowers? Chocolates or chocolate covered strawberries are also great options.

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7. Pamper yourself

If you don’t have single friends, it doesn’t mean that Valentine’s Day will be horrible and sad. First of all, avoid those romance movies. Cook your favorite meal, set a wonderful table, put on your favorite music and make a home spa. There’s nothing more pampering and relaxing than a delightful facial and home spa treatment. Pampering yourself might be a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

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8. Go international

Learn how Valentine’s Day is celebrated in different parts of the world and you will know that in some countries St. Valentine’s Day is just a day of friendship. It’s a great reason to celebrate the day of friendship on Valentine’s Day. Send Valentine’s Day greeting cards to all your friends and relatives and let them know how much they mean to you and how much you care about them. Go ahead and make your own Valentine’s Day cards. You friends will certainly appreciate them.

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9. Plan a family dinner

One of the best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you are single is to organize a family dinner. Cook meals, bake some delicious Valentine’s Day cookies, and invite your parents over for dinner. This is a great opportunity to celebrate the holiday and express your appreciation for the most important people in your life. If you have siblings, you can also invite them. Valentine’s Day can be a family holiday as well.

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10. Write yourself a love letter

We all know about writing a love letter to an absent lover, but have you ever thought about writing a love letter to yourself? Take time to sit down and focus on yourself. Think about your best physical attributes and things you do for others. Name the things you are most proud of in yourself. In one word, write yourself love letter as if you write it to your sweetheart. You deserve to know what a wonderful person you are, even if you are the one writing this letter.

These are only a few ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you are single. Are you single? How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Share your thoughts, please!