7 Quick Ways to Find Your Love Before Valentine’s Day


If you are one of those people who can’t stand loneliness and the thought of Valentine’s Day makes you feel sad or discouraged, you may want to know some quick ways to find your love before or on Valentine’s Day. There are many mistakes both women and men make when looking for their partners. You are no exception and you definitely make some of the most common dating mistakes without noticing it. Read on to learn more about mistakes you probably make when looking for the right guy, and luckily you won’t be alone on February 14 and all year round.

1. Be open

It’s extremely difficult for men to get a woman’s attention when she is not open. In most romantic movies, guys often approach a group of girls and ask to speak with a young lady or ask to dance, but the reality is that men approach women who look available. If you want to find your love before or on Valentine’s Day, try to be open to conversation. Smile, build the eye contact and don’t play hard to get.

2. Leave something to the imagination

When it comes to conversation on the first date, here are a few don’t’s. Don’t talk about your exes, learning and job! I know most men appreciate an accomplished, successful woman, but don’t run down your resume at the first meeting! It can make you seem uptight or make a man intimidated.

3. Take things slow

Perhaps you are getting older and older and you don’t have time for playing flirty games and wasting your time, but asking lots of questions and telling about your wedding plans during a first date conversation is never a win-win solution. People always share information with those they’re comfortable with. In fact, it can take several dates to figure out that the person isn’t for you.

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4. Look beyond the physical appearance

Another thing to remember when you are trying to find your love before Valentine’s Day is to look beyond physical appearance. Try to ditch the weight, height and physical appearance requirements. If you really enjoyed the conversation with a man, and he’d like to continue the conversation over a meal, or on the phone, let him do so. Handsome guys are lovely, but they don’t make good partners.

5. Don’t expect him to pay for you

Asking a man to buy you a snack, drink, or lunch is never a good idea. Trust me, if a man is willing to buy a drink for you, he will do it. Expecting or asking is one the fastest ways to guarantee that you will be dining or drinking alone. Forget about those old stereotypes. Don’t expect him to pay for meals.

6. Don’t get too comfortable on a first date

How you met a man is how you have to look on the first date and how you have to remain until after several ones. Honesty is vital, but showing your true colors isn’t always appreciated. Getting to know the real you is a part of the process, so don’t change in attitude or appearance until deeper feelings are at play. Don’t trust men so easily, especially on Valentine’s Day.

7. Find out his intentions before turning him down

When you are out, you might participate in a conversation or be interested in a dance. Remember, you have a choice in who you converse or dance with, but if you respond with an attitude, you probably should stay home. Each conversation or dance doesn’t mean that a man wants to take you home and sleep with you. Though, sometimes a conversation or a dance is just that, so try to find out his intentions before turning him down.

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These are some of the most important tips to follow when finding your love before or on Valentine’s Day. Remember, if you don’t have a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day, it’s not the end of the world. You can still have a lot of fun and share your love with your family, friends and animals. Have you ever tried to find your love before Valentine’s Day?