9 Reasons It’s Better to Be Single on Valentine’s Day


Just because you aren’t dating anyone now that Valentine’s Day is around the corner, doesn’t mean that you should rush out to find Mr./Ms. Adequate (because Mr./Ms. Perfect seems to be nowhere in sight!) You’re smart because you don’t want to settle for anything less than you deserve, or you are just focused on your own goals and priorities and don’t really have time for any nonsense and dating; that’s great, and don’t let pressures form others (your family/mother) try to make you feel any differently! So, why is it better to be single on this upcoming “holiday”?

1. You will be saving a lot of time

Between either doing your hair, or getting it done (if you are more like me and a mess when it comes to doing anything beauty wise yourself), shaving your legs, then getting a manicure (and possible pedicure), and putting on makeup…that’s a whole days work! Wouldn’t you rather spend a day doing what you want? I would. We have so little free time these days, wouldn’t to be great to have a day (and night) to yourself that you can do whatever you choose (even if that is to primp yourself, you are doing it for you!)