11 Tips for Planning Kids Valentine’s Day Party


Arrange an ideal Valentine’s Day party for your kids at home or school and show how much you love them. There is no necessity to throw an expensive party. The main things are paying attention to your children and a proper planning of the party.

Valentine’s Day gives you a good opportunity to do everything uniquely for that specific day. Here are some tips for planning kids Valentine’s Day party.

1. Make a guest list

Start with making a list of the kids you plan to invite in your Valentine’s Day party. With a guest list you will know the number of kids you are going to feed and entertain in your party.

2. Send invitation cards

Now it’s time to send Valentine’s Day party invitations to all children. Don’t forget to mention exact date, timings and venue in each card. If you’re having a one-dish party, write about the dish every child is supposed to bring with her or him.

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3. Wait for response

When you send invitations cards, it’s better to ask your guests to RSVP on invitations, so that you can better plan a party according to the number of confirmations. It is one of the most important steps in planning kids Valentine’s Day party.

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4. Work on Menu

Another important step is menu planning, because meal is one of the main parts of the children’s Valentine’s Day party. When you plan your party menu, you should keep the children in mind. Don’t add anything spicy.

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5. Plan Valentine’s Day games

Kid’s Valentine’s Day party is not complete without funny games. If you want to make it the most memorable party of children’s life, plan some age-appropriate kids’ games. The most favorite kids games are Valentine Bingo, pass the parcel, Hide the Heart Button, and Pin the Arrow on Cupid.

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6. Arrange music

In order to set a holiday and fun mood, arrange Valentine’s Day music for the children. Make sure to choose age appropriate music or it is better to choose poems. Add to your playlist favorite songs of your children too.

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7. Consider some party activities

Children like create things, thus plan some Valentine’s Day crafts with them. It is a great way to involve kids in healthy activities. For example, let them decorate their own cookies in accordance with their own choice.

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8. Decorate your party room

After you have planned everything, start decorating the room you’ve reserved for the party. Decorate the room by keeping the children’s favorite colors and the event in mind. Get balloons, Valentine’s Day banners, heart whirls, artificial flowers, and heart and cupid window clings.

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9. Be attentive

Look after the children during the party in order to celebrate Valentine’s Day without incidents. To make the party more funny and interesting for the children, you can participate in different types of activities.

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10. Consider the final part of the party

Make the holiday more memorable for the children by finishing the party with a Valentine’s Day piñata fun. I think it is a really great idea. The children will go back home with sweet memories and they will surely remember your party for a very long time.

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11. Give some gifts

Finally, give the children small bags filled with some treats. Place some toys, chocolates, mini coloring, bracelets, stamps, pens, candies, or books in small bags and give them to the children.

These are all useful tips for planning kids Valentine’s Day party. Have you ever planned your own party? Do you have any tips? Share your thoughts, please!