7 Fantastic Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day on a Budget


Since Valentine’s Day is considered one of the most desirable and romantic holidays of the year, many people are looking forward to this great day. Surely, to celebrate this event, we need some money. But if you can’t afford great expenses at the moment, it’s not the reason for you to get upset. There are so many wonderful ways to enjoy this amazing holiday without spending money. It has become a tradition to give our sweethearts beautiful flowers, various chocolates and to go to the most expensive restaurants on this day. Though, it doesn’t mean that only expensive things can be memorable. Look at the following list of ideas that will make your Valentine’s Day fantastic.

1. Take a Drive

I’m sure that your lover will appreciate this brilliant idea. It is a really simple and at the same time romantic way to celebrate this event. You don’t need to prepare some special things. Just get into your car, take CDs with your favorite songs and drive to some picturesque place to admire the beauty of the night sky. If you don’t have a car, have a walk with your loved one along the deserted streets of your town. You will have a nice opportunity to enjoy each other’s company.

2. Dinner and a Movie at Home

What can be more pleasant than a delicious dinner and an interesting film with your man? But if you decide to go to the restaurant or the cinema, it will be too costly for you. As an alternative, you can choose to stay at home, cook some exquisite dishes, and watch your favorite movie. The warm and festive atmosphere of your home will make you feel happy and comfortable this night. In case you don’t have the necessary ingredients for your dinner, go to the nearest supermarket and buy them at a discount. Such details as a pretty tablecloth, candles, and relaxing music will add some romantic spirit to your dinner. By having tried tasty foods, you can settle down on your cozy sofa and watch the film you both like very much.

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3. Enjoy a Photo Session

This is an incredible way to have fun on this special day. First, you need to find a beautiful place and ask your friend to assist you as a photographer. If you want your photos to be bright and unforgettable, you should do charming makeup and wear nice clothes. Don’t forget that your guy should also look attractive. To make your pictures more vivid, you can take some props. Those may be extremely precious things for you, such as a souvenir that he presented you for the first time. It would be great to make a sign for your photos. In this way, you will give them the final touch. Cut a heart out of paper and write your names on it. Be natural, smile a lot, express your love, and you will get the best photos you’ve ever had.

4. Go to an Ice Rink

Going to a skating rink with your sweetheart is a marvelous way to celebrate this Valentine’s Day. For those who don’t have their own skates, there are a lot of ice rinks that offer free skates to their visitors. What to do if you can’t skate? It’s a chance for you and your sweetheart to become closer to each other. You will surely get pleasure when he teaches you. Relax and have fun! When you feel cold, go to the café and warm your hearts with a cup of hot coffee or tea.

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5. Visit a Free Concert

Usually, free concerts are held on such holidays as Valentine’s Day. That’s why I would recommend you to look for some information on the Internet or in your local newspaper. Perhaps you will be lucky enough to see a well-known singer at that concert. So, you can listen to love songs while holding hands with your man. What can be more romantic than this?

6. Give Each Other Massages

All Lovers’ Day is a great opportunity for you and your sweetheart to pamper each other. Massage can be a perfect option for you. Make sure to prepare scented candles and some lotion. After, give each other relaxing massages. Definitely, you will feel relief in your body. Besides, your soul will also be pleased with your guy’s love and care.

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7. Have a Picnic

If you are sick and tired of sitting at home, this choice is right for you. Plenty of fresh air and close communication with the one you love is guaranteed to you. If you give preference to this way of celebration, you will not have to make any special preparations. Moreover, you will avoid great expenses. Just take a few sandwiches, some chocolate, fruits and a bottle of fine wine. Romantic music will help you to create a delightful and festive atmosphere. You can choose your favorite park as a location. Is the weather snowy and nasty? It’s not a problem. A thermos with hot tea and sweet biscuits will warm your hearts when it is cold outside.

Have you got any ideas for this Valentine’s Day? How do you usually celebrate this holiday? If you want to save some money and have fun at the same time, I hope these ideas will suit you perfectly. Which one would you choose? We’ll be glad to hear your opinion.