7 Convincing Reasons You Should Be Happy


Happiness is the greatest treasure in our life that is usually associated with pleasure and positive emotions. All people perceive happiness differently. Sometimes it may be even closer than you think. Just open your eyes and look at the world around you. There are so many things that you can appreciate and admire.

Regardless of our age and status, we all need to be happy. Otherwise, our existence will be miserable and meaningless. If you think that you don’t deserve happiness, I should say you are absolutely wrong. I hope that these reasons will help you to understand that you should be happy.

1. You Have Waited for It

To become happy, you should be patient. It will take you some time to achieve your goals and to be satisfied with the results. For that, we have to go through different stages of our life. First, we should study at school and only after that we may enter the university to get our desirable education.

Having a baby is the happiest moment in every woman’s life. But to enjoy this happiness, you will go through nine months of pregnancy, which may bring you certain discomfort. Finally, your efforts will be rewarded. You have waited so long, and now it’s time to make your dreams come true.

2. It Is a Reward for Hardships

During a lifetime, we have to overcome numerous obstacles and solve a lot of problems. As a result, we are absolutely exhausted and frustrated. Certainly, we should get a reward for our hard days. There is no place for sorrow in your heart. Never forget that everything changes, and after every bad day, you’ll be able to feel all the blessings of this world. One way or another, your sufferings will be rewarded.

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3. You Are a Good Person

It is typical of most people to make mistakes, and you are no exception. Though, it doesn’t mean you should constantly blame yourself for your misbehavior and failures. Look back at your life, and you will see how good a person you really are. You have plenty of achievements that demonstrate your wonderful character. Don’t let your bad sides influence your mood and emotional state.

4. You Have Worked Hard

That is one of the greatest reasons why you deserve to be happy. It’s not a secret that we must work hard to be able to afford everything we have. Those people who have a job spend a large amount of time to succeed in their career. You should do your best to build strong and warm relationships with your close people.

Your dedication and persistence are necessary for this. If you often feel guilty for being lazy and doing nothing, you must be a self-critical personality. You don’t even guess how much you’ve done in your life. It is obvious that lazy people can’t survive in this world.

5. You Give Happiness to Others

Without a doubt, you’ve tried hard to care for those you love and to fill their life with joy and happiness. Your friends’ good mood is the most valuable thing for you, and if it is you who make them smile, then you deserve to be always cheerful and glad. You spare no money to please your family members with the most expensive and magnificent presents.

Whenever your friends, siblings, and children have special occasions at school or university, you generally find time to visit them. Your attention and appreciation matter to them even more than you can imagine. When people hear your compliments about their appearance or clothes, they are tremendously happy. By doing all these things, you show your support and respect to others. Now, your good deeds must be certainly given back to you.

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6. You Have Survived

Throughout our life, we have to surmount various barriers and cope with lots of troubles. That is a big challenge for us, and it requires our strength and courage. Every single day new issues arise on your way. You’ve passed through terrible fights, you’ve been familiar with sadness and depression, you’ve spent hours doing the most tiring work. Despite all these facts, you have managed to survive, and that is amazing! Isn’t it a reason for you to be happy and successful?

7. You Have Looked for It

It is quite natural that we have some dreams and try to follow them. We constantly strive to find those things that can give us happiness. Having defined your desires and goals, you will do everything possible to get them, no matter how hard it is. I know some girls for whom finding an ideal man is a cherished dream. On the other hand, some people can’t see their happy life without making a successful career. Don’t lose your hope if you haven’t found your happiness yet. It may come to you any moment.

Perhaps it seems that your life is miserable, and you don’t deserve to be happy and experience pleasant emotions. In this case, you should remember that only you can create your own happiness. It depends on your persistence and your will. It’s up to you whether to enjoy this life or suffer all the time. All in all, there are lots of reasons due to which you should find true happiness. Are you a happy person? What are those things that bring you joy and pleasure?