7 Ways to Be Happier at Work and Make the Day Pass Quicker


Life can be quite miserable if you are not happy with your work. You spend most of your time at work, so it’s essential to be happy while you are there. But what should you do if you actually dislike your job?

I know you might think about leaving it, but try these ways to be happier at work first. Some of these ways helped me a lot and I hope they will help you as well!

1. Spend more time on the tasks you enjoy

Everyone finds some aspects of their work more satisfying and interesting than others. The key to being happier at work and making the day pass much quicker is to spend more time on the tasks you like doing.

You might even find that your favorite task is something your coworker dreads. If so, why not do a swap? Sure, this depends on certain flexibility in your workplace, but your boss may have no objection to who does the task, as long as it is done!

2. Stay organized

Another easy way to be happy at work is to arrive on time. Being in a hurry and missing the bus means that you will be stressed before you even get to work. So make sure you prepare your work outfit and your bag in the evening, set the alarm, and wake up early enough for taking a shower and eating your breakfast.

Also, be sure to leave your house early to allow enough time for traffic. You will arrive at work feeling relaxed and calm, instead of constantly looking at your watch and worrying about being late.

3. Be committed to what you are doing

I don’t tell you to approach your work as if it is the only thing in your life, but when you’re at work, you are being paid for a certain purpose. You won’t be committed to your job if you decide that it is boring. And you never enjoy something you are not committed to. Even if you don’t like what you are doing, try to focus on work matters during the time you are at work.

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4. Connect with coworkers

Make sure you connect with your coworkers and clients. A few words and a smile are pleasant for everybody. Clients will respond positively to a greeting and friendly face.

And if you’re impolite with them they’ll certainly respond likewise. When you get a chance to chat with your coworkers; work is much nicer and easier when you communicate with people there.

5. Take time out from work

It’s essential to take time out from your work. When you are refreshed after the weekend or a vacation, you are more likely to approach your work positively.

Sure, it’s not easy to go back to work after time out but think of the positive aspects of your job. And when you are away from work, make sure you switch off completely from your work and spend your time having as much fun as possible.

6. Improve your skills

You might not be happy at work because you work only to pay the bills and you don’t have enough money to buy something expensive. But if you want to earn more money, you have to work for it.

Try to improve your skills or even study for some qualification. Show your boss that you’ve got the talent and the drive to go further and it may lead to promotion.

7. Do your job well

Your work may not be particularly interesting. As I mentioned above, sometimes we have to work to pay our bills. However, you can find some satisfaction in doing your job well. If you show a determination to do your job well, it may also lead to promotion.

Nowadays it’s definitely not easy to change careers, so sometimes the only choice is to stick with the work you have. But try to stay positive, do your job well and enjoy what you are actually doing and you will certainly be happier at work. Are you happy with your job? Share your thoughts, please!