7 Common Fears That Prevent You from Being Successful and Happy


Happiness and success are the most important things in our life. Surely, for every person, happiness is different, and some things that satisfy one person can’t be good for another. But there are some common fears that usually prevent us from being successful and happy. We should be patient and have the willpower to get rid of our fears. It is quite normal that sometimes people can be afraid of various things. Despite this fact, we shouldn’t let our worries prevail over common sense. It’s impossible to live in fear and stress all the time. So, if you want to live a happy life and reach your goals, you should certainly overcome the following fears.

1. Fear of Loneliness

All humans need communication with others. If you don’t have close friends or loved ones in your life, you will always feel sad and depressed. We try hard to find those special and precious people who will inspire us for positive and great things throughout our life. Whenever we think of the possibility of living alone, we start being terrified and frustrated.

And this is the first fear you should overcome. Being so eager to meet someone significant, you will easily accept anyone. But even if you have such a person in your life, that doesn’t mean the one will always be with you. That’s why you should realize that there are some benefits of being alone. Try to enjoy the moments of loneliness.

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2. Fear of Commitment

I know so many girls who think they will never marry, and they really enjoy being single. They reject any idea of living with someone for their whole life. Such girls highly appreciate their freedom and don’t want to change their way of life and habits because of another person.

If you also prefer living alone, don’t neglect all the chances to become closer with a nice guy. Otherwise, you can lose something precious and important, and, as a result, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life. Stop being hostile with people; perhaps they will make you happy one day.

3. Fear of Eye Contact

Have you ever felt discomfort while looking people in the eye? As for me, I am completely confused at such moments. Every time I have eye contact with someone, it seems to me that I am penetrating deeply into the person’s soul. Frankly speaking, I hate this feeling. All people are social beings, so there is no need to be afraid of such close communication.

Eye contact may be beneficial for you when you have a job interview. By looking directly into people’s eyes, you will definitely show your confidence. Besides, you can use this ability as an advantage if you want to flirt with a man. Eye contact will help you greatly to improve your personal and career life.

4. Fear of Changes

Naturally, things change from time to time. When getting older, people usually change their friends and surroundings as well. In some cases, alterations can influence you badly, which may be the reason for your stress. That’s why it is necessary to be always ready to meet changes in your life. There are some situations when change can be the only way out. Try to deviate from the rules you used to, and you will see the difference.

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5. Fear of Rejection

In my opinion, this is the main thing which prevents us from success and great achievements. For example, if you want to get your dream job, attending the interview is inevitable. You should keep in mind that you will never succeed if you give way to panic and fear. There is a big risk for you to stay single forever if you can’t start the conversation with the guy you like because of your shyness.

No doubt that we are afraid of rejection. It can disappoint us very much, and we can even lose our hopes and inspiration. But sooner or later, everyone will experience this terrible feeling. I’m really proud of my friends who can accept any rejection easily without being hurt. I have found that the only thing I need for this is courage.

6. Fear of Death

First of all, you should be careful with your life. It would be better if you avoid various dangerous activities which can harm you. Though, being obsessed with the fear of death is not a solution. I would advise you to focus on your living and not think all the time about the possibility of death. Eliminate negative thoughts from your mind, and you will see that being happy is not so difficult.

7. Fear of Public Speaking

I must say that the majority of people are terrified of speaking to the audience. That is a great art we have to learn to during our life. To become a good public speaker, you should feel comfortable and keep calm in front of small groups of people. It is crucial to develop your skills in public speaking. Unfortunately, many people face numerous career problems when they discover they can’t talk in front of an audience. There are so many reasons for you to overcome this fear.

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No matter how many fears you have, the main thing is that you can cope with all of them. You need to find the most suitable way to get rid of your fears. When you feel relaxed and comfortable, you can reach any goal in your life. Do you have any fears? What do you do to overcome them? Please, share your thoughts with us.