7 Valid Reasons You Don’t Have Friends


I think that our life would be incomplete without friends. It is crucial to surround ourselves with close people who can understand us, support us in every difficult situation, and share their happiness with us. If you have true friends, you are a lucky person. Nowadays, lots of people suffer from loneliness, and they don’t have any friends. Surely, there are some reasons due to which you can have such a problem. But don’t get upset; you can always find a solution that will help you to improve the situation. I know some people who are satisfied with their lonely life, and they don’t even try to look for new friends. You should be aware of a few things which make people stay aside from you. To build good relationships with others, you should try to get rid of these faults. I hope that the following reasons why you are friendless will help you to solve the problem.

1. People Can’t Trust You

First of all, you need to be reliable, and people will eagerly make friends with you. But if you can’t be trusted, it won’t be easy. Keep in mind that you should never share the secrets told you by others. If a person tells you something special, that means you are really trusted. Sometimes you can have a strong desire to talk behind someone’s back. However, you shouldn’t betray what was confided to you. So, you’d better close your mouth and keep silence.

2. You Often Ditch Your Friends

If you don’t have any friends, you should certainly consider this reason. When you have a relationship with people, it is necessary to support them by all means. Every time we have some troubles in our life we expect our friends to help us. Though, they will never come to you if you ditch them often. Treat your close people with love and respect, and show them how important they are to you. Only in such way, you will get their sympathy and attention.

3. You Don’t Accept Your Friends’ Invitations to Go Out

Communication is an incredible way to find new friends and to strengthen your relationships with those you have. Whenever someone invites you to go out, try to use this opportunity and spend your time with pleasure. Don’t be quick to decline the person’s suggestion. You may get the invitation several times, and by refusing it, you will definitely show your disrespect and indifference to the person. After that, don’t wonder why you don’t have any friends. People do everything possible to come into your life, but you don’t allow them to do. When you behave like this, they will leave you forever. Before refusing to go out with someone, think carefully, perhaps you will have a great time!

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4. You Complain a Lot

Without a doubt, those people who always complain are not pleasant to deal with. If you have such a bad habit, you should definitely change it. Otherwise, everybody will try to avoid your company. I would advise you to stay positive and don’t complain about every trifle. Nobody will be happy to have a friend who is always dissatisfied and can’t live without complaints. Besides, this negative attitude to life will make you old fast. That’s why take it easy and enjoy interesting things that happen with you.

5. You Don’t Speak with Others

How often do you speak with people? The conversation is a wonderful way to get acquainted with a new and interesting personality. If others want to talk to you, don’t neglect their attempts. Usually, when a person keeps silence, I think the one doesn’t like me, and I’m not confident enough to make the first step. I would strongly recommend you to be more sociable and communicate with people whenever possible. Don’t be afraid to take the initiative. It can be difficult at first, but a bit later, you will be amazed at how easy you can interact with those who surround you.

6. You Expect Too Much from Your Friends

We often expect too much from our close people, and when they fail to confirm our expectations, we can get disappointed. The main thing is to remember that our friends are only humans, and it is typical of them to make mistakes from time to time. If it happens so that your friends are wrong, don’t blame them. Actually, their attitude to you is the same, and they still love you very much. To my mind, forgiveness is the most efficient way to solve the problem. Don’t let little things spoil your relationship.

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7. You Keep Score

It is necessary to mention that in a true friendship, there is no place for keeping score. Whether you decide to choose a film for the evening or a restaurant to visit for dinner, you should never argue with your friend about whose turn it is now. Maybe you don’t realize it, but such behavior irritates your friends very much. Moreover, they can even move away from you. Thus, it is reasonable for you to pay more attention to your relationship and to do good things for others without keeping a score.

To sum it up, I should say that you need to work hard to find a good and true friend. Sometimes it can take you much time and patience to build a strong and everlasting relationship. Though, you shouldn’t give way to despair and lose hope. Try to look for common interests with the person you like and communicate without any fears. Do you make friends easily? Is it difficult for you to keep your friendship? What are the most typical problems? Please, share your thoughts with us.