7 Sure Signs It’s Time to Find New Friends


Friendship is one of the greatest and the most important things in our life. We can hardly imagine a person without friends. Each of us has at least one friend, and that is wonderful.

Friends are those people who make your life happy and meaningful, those who never leave you in difficult situations and cheer you up whatever happens. When you choose a friend, you should be careful to find the right person for you. To build a good relationship with your friend, you should certainly like the one, and you should have common interests with this person.

However, there can be some moments when you feel uncomfortable with your friends. If you see that their attitude to you is not as good as before, you should definitely evaluate your friendship and discover evident signs you have to look for new friends. The signs given below will help you understand whether you have true friends or need some new people near you.

1. Your Friends Make Fun of You

It is natural when friends make fun of each other. Just make sure that your jokes don’t offend another person.

If you notice that your friends do that very often, you should consider the relationship with them. Perhaps they are not the people you really need. You will never be happy with those who tease you at every possible opportunity, trying to hurt your feelings.

Don’t let anyone make fun of you, especially if it concerns your abilities or your appearance. You’d better leave your friends if they treat you in such way.

2. They Are Snobby

I should say that snobby people are not pleasant to communicate with. But if you have them among your friends, it can be a bad experience for you.

There are lots of people who make friends with the representatives of different economic classes. Some individuals from the upper class tend to be snobby, so try to avoid such friends.

One way or another, your friendship won’t last for a long time. Surely, their behavior will have a negative impact on you.

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3. They Ditch You

This is a definite sign you should forget about your old friends. When these people ditch you, they demonstrate their disrespect to you. I’m convinced that you deserve better friends.

Being friends means doing everything together, and if you decide to have fun with a group of friends, you should invite them all. It will be unfair to leave someone without saying anything. Only unkind and arrogant personalities can do that.

You don’t have to look for ways to keep in touch with them. Simply go away and start communicating with new people.

4. They Treat Others Badly

Nobody likes people who treat others badly. If your friend is rude to others, sooner or later, he/she will mistreat you too.

There are no perfect people in this world, and everyone can be mistaken sometimes. Usually, when quarrelling with our boyfriends, we get angry and even insult them.

But those are rather different things. A person who always behaves badly is not worth being your friend.

5. They Leave You Out

Often we have to experience such situations when someone hurts our feelings. We suffer greatly if our friends do that. Being left out by our close people is terrible.

What are the signs that your friends do not enjoy your company anymore? For example, most of them regularly go out together without you.

Everything is clear. They don’t want to be with you. It’s high time for you to build new relationships.

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6. They Can’t Be Happy for You

You can be sure that only true friends will support and understand you. These people will celebrate your success with you. They will be glad whenever something great and important happens in your life.

Friends want just happiness and luck for you. If your friends can’t be happy when you are, there might be something wrong with your relationship. Certainly, they are not for you.

7. You Just Feel Something Is Wrong

Your intuition is the best thing that can help you to reveal what is right and what is wrong. In most cases, it is really valuable.

Though, your intuition is not the only thing to rely on, especially if you need to make serious decisions. When it comes to friendship, don’t trust your intuition thoughtlessly. Whenever you feel that something is going wrong, you should check out the facts first and only then make conclusions.

It’s almost impossible to find a friend without any flaws of character. No one is perfect in this world. But there are certain things that help us to recognize true friends.

First of all, they should care about you and do what makes you happy. Otherwise, you’d better leave them forever.

Do you have a good relationship with your friends? What do you usually do when they mistreat you? If you know any other reasons for making new friends, tell us, please.