7 Truthful Things Men Don’t Tell You


When you communicate with men, you should always keep in mind that they don’t tell you everything they think. I must admit that women are considered to be more talkative and emotional than men.

Sometimes it can be a real problem for some men to express their feelings and emotions. They can’t find appropriate words to tell the woman they like.

However, it is possible to find a man who will easily share all his thoughts with you. But even these communicative guys can’t speak about all the truthful things. Here you will find some of them.

1. You are so beautiful

Certainly, we are melting when men tell us compliments. But some guys can do that perfectly, while others find it really difficult.

I met different boys in my life. Though, only one of them could make me happy with his pleasant words. It’s so important for girls to hear how pretty and beautiful they are.

After that, their self-esteem increases greatly. Sometimes you can be extremely disappointed as you tried hard to do excellent make-up for some special occasion and nobody appreciated your great efforts. In contrast to this, there can be such situations when you don’t pay much attention to your appearance, you get up in the morning, do not do any make-up or hairdo, but still, some men can find lots of ways to tell that you are beautiful.